October 07, 2012

280 - Jesus heals many

Kathleen's thoughts

Luke 4: 33-37
Mark 1: 29-45  2: 1-12
Matthew 4: 23-25 8: 2-17, 9: 1-8
Luke 4: 38-44, 5: 12-26

The man with an evil spirit Have You come to destroy us. I know who You are - the Holy One of God!

What is this message? For He commands the unclean spirits with authority and power, and they come out!
And news about Him began to go out to every place in the vicinity.

Jesus heals many people Peter's house, He saw his mother - in - law lying in bed with a fever. So He touched her hand, and the fever left her.
He drop out the spirits with a word and healed all who were sick. So that what was spoken through the prophet Isaiah might be fulfilled;
He himself took our weaknesses and carried our diseases.
But He would not permit the demons to speak, because they knew Him.

Jesus in Galilee But He said to them " I must proclaim the good news about the kingdom of God to the other towns also, because I was sent for this purpose. And He was preaching in the synagogues of Galilee.

Jesus heals a leper Then Jesus told him. See that you don't tell anyone; but go, show yourself to the priest and offer the gift that Moses prescribed, as a testimony to them.
This is an interesting note. Many people think that because Jesus came Moses laws fell away and here you can see that Jesus still upholds the law of Moses.

Jesus heals a paralysed man but so you may know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins. then He told the paralytic. "Get up, pick up your stretcher,and go home: And he got up and went home.

He Himself bore our sins in His body on the tree, so that, having died to sins, we might live for righteousness; by His wounding you have been healed 1 Peter 2: 24


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