July 31, 2012

213 - The first deportation

Kathleen's thoughts

Jeremiah 35: 1-19, 25: 15-38, 1-11, 36z: 1-8, 45:1-5
Daniel 1-3

Obedience of the Rechabites...They were given instructions not to drink wine and live in tents all the days of their lives and this they did even when Jeremiah had a word from the Lord to bring them into the house of the Lord into one of the chambers. then give them wine to drink but they obeyed their father "You shall not drink wine, neither you nor your sons forever.

The |Jews' disobedience...They continued to worship gods and refused to follow and obey the word of God. But because of the obedience of the Rechabites The Lord of Hosts said The God of Israel says Jonadab son of Rechab will never fail to have a man to always stand before Me.

Jerusalem's 20 year siege begins 606BC

The wine cup of wrath - Jeremiah prophesies about the destruction of the nations world wide because of their evil doings and not listening and walking in God's statues.

Nebuchadnezzar besieges Jerusalem...In the third year of the reign of Jehlakim king of Judah, Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon come to Jerusalem and laid siege to it.

Some Israelites deported...The Lord handed Jehoiakim king of Judah over to him along with some of the vessels from the house of God. Nebuchadnezzar carried them to the land of Babylon, to the house of his god. and put the vessels in the treasury of his god.
The King ordered Ashpenaz, the chief of his court officials, to bring some of the Israelites from the royal family and from the nobility.

Prophecy concerning Israel's captivity... The Lord keeps on telling the nation to turn from their evil ways but they refused to listen and continued on the road to destruction. And the Lord says...I will completely destroy them and make them a desolation, a derision, and ruins forever. This whole land will become a desolate ruin, and these nations will serve the king of Babylon for 70 years.

Prophecies to be written In the fourth year of Jehiakim son of Josiah, king of Judah, this word came to Jeremiah from the Lord. Take a scroll, and write on it all the words I have spoken to you concerning Israel, Judah, and all the nations from the time I first spoke to you during Josiah's reign until today.  Perhaps when the house of Judah hears about all the disaster I am planning to bring on them, each one of them will turn from his evil way. Then I will forgive their wrongdoing and sin.

Jeremiah was not permitted to go into the temple so Baruch son of Neriah did everything Jeremiah the prophet had commanded him. At the Lord's temple he read the Lord's words from the scroll.

God's promise to Baruch...But I will grant you your life like the spoils of war whenever you go.

With this reading today I see that God's compassion for His people is great! he keeps on giving them the opportunity to repent and mend their ways but they continue to sin and not listen. We still doing it today there is no difference to them and us. Look around you and see all the gods people are erecting and their behaviour patterns.
God I pray for peace and that the nations around the world will see you and hear your word so that it will go well with us. Bring unity upon earth, unity of serving You alone for You are worthy. Worthy to receive honour and praise. We bow down Lord and worship you.
Blessings for a beautiful day today and love to you.

July 30, 2012

212 - Habakkuk's message

Kathleen's thoughts

Jeremiah 26: 8-19
Habakkuk 1:1-17, 2: 1-20, 3:1-19

Jeremiah proclaimed a traitor...After Jeremiah prophesied in the Lord's temple all the people assembled against Jeremiah and when the officials of Judah heard these things they went up from the king's palace to the Lord's temple. Jeremiah said to the officials "As for me, here I am in your hands; do to me what you think is good and right. But know for certain that if you put me to death, you will bring innocent blood on yourselves, on this city and on its residents. For it is certain the Lord has sent me to speak all these things direct to you.then the officials and all the people told the priests and prophets, This man doesn't deserve the death sentence, for he has spoken to us in the name of the Lord our God!.

Habakkuk complains of injustice
The Lord's reply
Habakkuk's further complaint

Habakkuk must wait...The Lord answered me; Write down this vision; clearly inscribe it on tablets so one may easily read it. For the vision is yet for the appointed time; it testifies about the end and will not lie. Thought it delays wait for it, since it will certainly come and not be late.
Look his ego is inflated; he is without integrity. but the righteous one will live by his faith.

Judgment's on the unrighteous  2: 20...But the Lord is in His holy temple; let everyone on earth be silent in His presence.
Habakkuk's plea
His prayer and praise.

The thought and contemplation.
Almost all of the old testament prophets confessed to being confused by the ways and designs of God. But as they waited before Hm, the confusion gave way to confidence. The secret of understanding God's ways is to 'wait" finally , the answer always comes.

Isa. 55: 8-9 For My; thoughts are not your thoughts and your ways are not My ways. This is the Lord's declaration. For as heaven is higher than earth, so My ways are higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts'


211 - The sign of the yoke.

Kathleen's thoughts

Jeremiah 12: 1 - 17, 22: 10-12, 26:1-7, 27: 1-11
2 Kings 23: 28-37,
2 Chronicles 35: 20-27, 36: 1-5

Jeremiah's questions and God's answer
The Lord's sorrow 


The Lord's promise...This is what the Lord says; concerning all My evil neighbours who attack the inheritance that I bequeathed to My people, Israel, I am about to uproot them from their land, and I will uproot the house of Judah from among them. After I have uprooted them, I will once again have compassion on them and return each one to his inheritance and to his land. If they will diligently learn the ways of My people to swear by My name, As the Lord lives, just as they taught My people to swear by Baal, they will be built up among My people, However, if they will not obey, then I will uproot and destroy that nation. This is the Lord's declaration.

Josiah slain...During his reign, Pharaoh Neco king of Egypt marched up to the king of Assyria at the Euphrates river. King Josiah went to confront him, and at Megiddo when Neco saw him he killed him. From Megiddo his servant carried his dead body in a chariot, brought him into Jerusalem, and buried him in his own tomb. Then the common people took Jehoahaz son of Josiah, anointed him and made him king in place of his father.

Lamentation for Josiah

Jehoahaz's evil life... he was 23 years old when he became king. he reigned three months in Jerusalem. His mother's name was Hamutal daughter of Jeremiah; she was from Libnah. He did what was evil in the Lord's sight.

Judah pays tribute

Jehoahaz's death...Then Pharaoh Neco made Eliakim son of Josiah king in place of his father Josiah and changed Eliakim's name to Jehoiakim. But Neco took Jehoahaz and went to Egypt, and he died there.

Jehoiakim make king... he was 25 years old when he became king; he reigned 11 years in Jerusalem. He did what was evil in the sight of the Lord his God.

The sign of the yoke...
Jeremiah in the Temple court....Jeremiah speaks in the temple court...This is what the Lord says; If you do not listen to Me by living according to My law that I set before you and by listening to the words of My servants the prophets I have been sending you time and time again, thought you did not listen, I will make this temple like Shiloh. I will make this city an object of cursing for all the nations of the earth. The priests, the prophets, and all the people heard Jeremiah speaking these words in the temple of the Lord,.

We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God; those who are called according to His purpose Romans 8: 28

Kathleen and do have a wonderful week in the Lords word.

July 28, 2012

210 - A further message

Kathleen's thoughts

Jeremiah 9 1_26. 10: 1-25, 11: 1 - 23

The people are corrected 9: 4 Everyone has to be on guard against his friend. Don't trust any brother, for every brother will certainly deceive, and every friend spread slander. 5. Each one betrays his friend; no one tells the truth. They have taught their tongues to speak lies; they wear themselves out doing wrong. You live in a world of deception. In their deception they refuse to know Me.
11. I will make Jerusalem a heap of rubble, a jackals' den. I will make the cities of Judah a desolation, an uninhabited place.

The captives suffer 13. The Lord said, It is because they abandoned My law I set in front of them and did not obey My vice or walk according to it. Instead they followed stubbornness of their hearts and the Baals, as their fathers taught them.

God's loving kindness 23 This is what the Lord says: The wise must not boast in his wisdom;
The might must not boast in his might;
the rich must not boast in his riches.
But the one who boasts should boast in this,
That he understands and knows Me -
that I am the Lord showing faithful love, justice, and righteousness on the earth. for I delight in these things. This is the Lord's declaration.

punishment of the unrighteous

Idolatry and true worship 10: 5 Like scarecrows in a cucumber patch, their idols cannot speak. They must be carried because they cannot walk. Do not fear them for they can do no harm - and they cannot do any good..
6. Lord, there is no one like You. You are great; Your name is great in power.
10. But the Lord is the true God, He is the living God and eternal King. The earth quakes at His wrath, and the nations cannot endure His rage. 11. You are to say this to them; The gods that did not make the heavens and the earth will perish from the earth and from under these heavens.

A hymn of praise He made the earth by His power, established the world by His wisdom and spread out the heavens by His understanding.

The coming exile 10: 33 I know, Lord, that a man's way of life is not his own; no one who walks determines his own steps.

Disobedient Jews reproved The Lord declares. Obey Me, and do everything that I command you, and you will be My people, and I will be your God, in order to establish the oath I swore to your ancestors, to give them a land flowing with milk and honey, as it is today. I answered, Amen, Lord"

Their utter ruin.

A plot against Jeremiah's life. Therefore here is what the Lord says concerning the people of Anathoth who want to take your life. They warn, "You must not prophesy in the name of the Lord, or you will certainly die at our hand. Therefore, this  is what the Lord of Hosts says
I am about to punish them. The young men will die by the sword; their sons and daughters will die by famine. They will have no remnant, for I will bring disaster on the people of Anathoth in the year of their punishment.

Gal. 6:1 Brothers, if someone is caught in any wrongdoing, you who are  spiritual should restore such a person with a gentle spirit, watching out for yourselves so you won't be tempted also.

Blessings and love to you

July 27, 2012

209 - Jeremiah's third message.

Kathleen's thoughts

2 Kings 23: 15-24
2 Chronicles 34: 33
Jeremiah 7: 1-34, 8: 1-22

Birth of Ezekiel 622 BC

Josiah's reforms Josiah destroyed all which was evil and provoked the Lord. He also removed the shrines of the high places that were in the cities of Samaria, which the kings of Israel had made to provoke the Lord. He slaughtered on the altars all the priests of the high places who were there, and he burned human bones on the altars. Then he returned to Jerusalem.
In addition Josiah removed the mediums, the spiritualists, household idols, images, and all the detestable things that were seen in the land of Judah and in Jerusalem. He did this in order to carry out the words of the law that were written in the book that Hilkiah the priest found in the Lord's temple.Throughout his reign they did not turn aside from following the Lord God of their ancestors.

Jeremiah preaches in the Temple This is the word that came to Jeremiah from the Lord. Stand in the gate of the house of the Lord and there call out this word; hear the word of the Lord, all you people of Judah who enters through these gates to worship the Lord.
This is what the Lord of Hosts, the God of Israel, says; Correct your ways and your deeds, and I will allow you to live in this place. Do not trust deceitful words chanting. This is the temple of the Lord.

The people's disobedience However I did give them this command; Obey Me, and then I will be your God, and you will be My people. You must walk in every way I command you  to that it may go well with you.
This is a nation that would not listen to the voice of the Lord their God and would not accept discipline. Truth has perished - it has disappeared from their mouths. Cut off the hair of your sacred vow and throw it away. Raise up a dirge on the barren heights, for the Lord has rejected and abandoned the generation under His wrath.

Vengeance threatened.Bones to remain unburied
The people's stupidity
The alarm of invasion
Jeremiah's lamentation

The thought and contemplation.
Israel;s greatest sin was that of idolatry - replacing the true object of worship with one which made lesser demands. But God will brook no rival in His universe, and therefore idolatry must be removed. If we don't get rid of the idols in our lives by our own volition, then we give God no other option than to topple them Himself.

"Now the works of the flesh are obvious...idolatry, sorcery Gal 5: 19-20.


208 - The Passover is kept

Kathleen's thoughts

Jeremiah 6: 1-30
Kings 23: 21-23, 23: 4-14, 26-27
2 Chronicles 35: 1-19

The invasion of Jerusalem The Lord of Hosts says...This city  (Jerusalem) must be punished There is nothing but oppression within her.

Rebellious Israel...God says this Who can I speak to and give such a warning, that they will listen. Israel's ears are closed to the word of the Lord.

Israel's rejection of God's way...This is what the Lord says; Stand by the roadway and look. Ask about the ancient paths; which is the way to what is good? Then take it and find rest for yourselves. But they protested; We won't!

Invasion from the north 

Josiah celebrates the Passover... The king commanded all the people, "Keep the Passover of the Lord your God as written in the book of the covenant" No such Passover had ever been kept from the time of the judges who judged Israel through the entire time of the kings of Israel and Judah. But in the eighteenth year of King Josiah, this Passover was observed to the Lord in Jerusalem.

The ark. 2 Chronicles 35: 3 Put the holy ark in the temple built by Solomon son of David king of Israel. No Passover had been observed like it in Israel since the days of Samuel the Prophet.
In the eighteenth year of Josiah's reign, this Passover was observed.

Josiah's further reforms. He destroyed all that which was evil in the sight of God so that the people could worship and bow down to the only one  true God

This Josiah must have been a wonderful man, a man of integrity who feared the Lord God.


207 - Jeremiah's secoand message.

Kathleen's thoughts

Jeremiah 3: 6 - 25, 4: 1-31, 5: 1 -31

Israel better than Judah the Lord announced to me, "Unfaithful Israel has shown herself more righteous than treacherous Judah.

Pardon is promised Found in Jeremiah 3...I find this very interesting and something to take note of...15. I will give you shepherds who are loyal to Me, and they will shepherd you with knowledge and skill.The Lord's declaration - "NO ONE WILL SAY ANY LONGER, the ARE OF THE LORD'S COVENANT. IT WILL NEVER COME TO MIND, AND NO ONE WILL REMEMBER OR MISS IT.  IT WILL NEVER AGAIN BE MADE. 17 At that time Jerusalem will be called, THE LORD'S THRONE, and all the nations will be gathered to it, to the name of the Lord in Jerusalem.

Israel's repentance

A call to repentance 2. If you swear, As the Lord lives, in truth, in justice, and in righteousness, then the nations will be blessed by Him and will pride themselves in Him.

Judah is threatened 

Judah is surrounded  18. your way of life and your actions have brought this on you. This is your punishment. It is very bitter, because it has reached your heart.

Jeremiah's sorrow 22. For My people are fools; they do not  know Me. They are foolish children, without understanding. They are skilled in doing what is evil, but they do not know how to do what is good.

His vision. 
Jerusalem's sin
Israel's enemies 5:18 But even in those days - this is the Lord's declaration - "I will not finish you off. When people ask; For what offence has the Lord our God done all these things to us. You will respond to them. Just as you abandoned Me and served foreign gods in your land, so will you serve strangers in a land that is not yours,

God's warning

We sure are a stubborn lot of people. God's grace and favour is new every morning and great is His faithfulness, and yet when you read the word today and even life today we still the same. 'Open your eyes oh Nations of the world and see Jesus. His word is true and just.
Blessings today.

July 26, 2012

206 - Josiah's godly reign.

Kathleen's thoughts

Zephaniah 3: 1-20
2 Kings 22: 3-20, 23: 1-3

Further reproofs for sin
God's mercy For I will then restore pure speech to the peoples so that all of them may call on the name of Yahweh and serve Him with a single purpose
The Remnant of Israel will no longer do wrong or tell lies; a deceitful tongue will not be found in their mouths. But they will pasture and lie down, with nothing to make them afraid.

Restoration of Israel and Jerusalem The Lord your God is among you, a warrior who saves. He will rejoice over you with gladness. He will bring you quietness with His love. He will delight in you with shouts of joy.

Josiah repairs the Temple

The book of the Law if found Hilkiah the high priest told Shaphan the court secretary, "I have found the book of the law in the Lord's temple" and he gave the book to Shaphan, who read it,.

Josiah consults Huldah. So Hilkaih the priest, Ahikam, Achbor, Shaphan, and Asaiah went to the prophetess Huldah, wife of Shallum son of Tikvah, son of Harhas, keeper of the wardrobe. She lived in Jerusalem in the Second District. They spoke with her. She prophesied what would happen to the nation but said  to Josiah this. As for the words that you heard, because your heart was tender and you humbled yourself before God when you heard His words against this place and against its inhabitants  and because you humbled yourself before Me, and you Tore your clothes and wept before Me, I Myself have heard - this is the Lord speaking. I will indeed gather you to your fathers, and you will be gathered to your grave in peace. Your eyes will not see all the disaster that I am bringing on this place and on its inhabitants. Then they reported to the king.

The King's covenant. The king stood at his post and made a covenant in the Lord's presence to follow the Lord and to keep His commandments, His decrees, and HIs statues with all his heart and with all his soul in order to carry out the words of the covenant written in this book. Then he had all those present in Jerusalem and Benjamin enter the covenant. So all the inhabitants of Jerusalem carried out the covenant of God, the God of their ancestors.


205 - Jeremiah's first message

Kathleen's thoughts

Jeremiah 2: 1-37, 3: 1-5
Zephaniah 1: 1-8, 2: 1-15

Israel's early love for God
The sin of Israel's leaders
The Lord's plea
The results of unfaithfulness
The sins of Judah
Judah''s false confidence
Exhortations to repentance
The coming of judgement
A plea for repentance
Judgment against the nations.

When one reads through the scriptures of today's readings it's about the dreadful road the nations walked in over the many years worshipping idols and walking in the evil ways of witchcraft etc and what it caused themselves in the destruction's and God's anger against them because they did evil in the eyes of the Lord God.

Jeremiah 2: 13 For My people have committed a double evil; They have abandoned Me, the FOUNTAIN OF LIVING WATER, and dug cisterns for themselves, cracked cisterns that cannot hold water.


204 - The fall of Nineveh.

Kathleen's thoughts

2 Chronicles 34: 1-7
2 Kings 22: 1-2, 23: 25
Nahum 1: 1-15, 2: 1-19
Jeremiah 1: 1-19

Josiah's godly character... He was eight years old when he became king; he reigned 31 years in Jerusalem. He did what was right in the Lord's sight and walked in the ways of his ancestors David; he did not turn aside to the right or the left.
What a young age to take on the responsibilities of a king. His mothers name was Jedidah the daughter of Adaiah, she was from Bozkath.
THIS I FIND INTERESTING READ!! Before him there was NO king like him who turned to the Lord with all his mind and with all his heart and with all his strength according to all the law of Moses, and no one like him arose after him. 2 Kings 23:25

God's justice and power - Nahum the Elkoshite...
Nahum 1:3 The Lord is slow to anger but great in power; the Lord will never leave the guilty unpunished.
1:7 The Lord is good a stronghold in a day of distress, He cares for those who take refuge in Him.

The Assyrians overthrown... Nahum1: 15 Look to the mountains the feet of one bringing good news and proclaiming peace!

Nineveh's destruction foretold
The cause
The fall of Nineveh

Josiah's early reforms Josiah destroys all the evilness in the cities and throughout the land of Israel and returned to Jerusalem. and this was done in his youth in the 8th year of reign.

Jeremiah's ministry begins 628BC.

Jeremiah's call and early vision...The words of Jeremiah, the son of Hilkiah, one of the priests living in Anathouth in the territory of Benjamin.
The word of the Lord came to him in the thirteenth year of the reign of Josiah son Amon, king of Judah.

Jeremiah 1: 5 I chose you before I formed you in the womb; I set you apart before you were born. I appointed you a prophet to the nations.
Then Jeremiah protested, Oh no, Lord God! Look, I don't know how to speak since I am only a youth.
Then the Lord spoke to him.
Do not say; I am only a youth, for you will go to everyone I send you to and speak whatever I tell you. Do not be afraid of anyone, for I will be with you to deliver you. This is the Lord's declaration.

Then the Lord reached out His hand, touched my mouth, and told me;
Look I have filled your mouth with My words. See, today I have set you over nations and kingdoms to uproot and tear down, to destroy and demolish, to build and plant.

God here tells us to stand firm for He is our refuge we need to turn to Him and in all ways acknowledge him and He will direct our paths.

Blessings for a beautiful day today.

203 - Manasseh turns to God.

Kathleen's thoughts

2 Kings 19: 37, 21: 1-24
2 Chronicles 33: 1-25
Isaiah 22: 15-25, 37:38

Manasseh's sinful ways... He was 12 years old when he became king and reigned for 55 years in Jerusalem, and did what was evil in the Lord's eyes. Built altar and worshiped to gods of Baal. Manasseh caused them to stray so that they did greater evil than the nations the Lord had destroyed before the Israelites.
How sad is that! Especially when he knew his father served the one and only true God.

God's displeasure Because of Manasseh's sin the Lord God of Israel says; I am about to bring such disaster on Jerusalem and Judah that everyone who hears about it will shudder. I will stretch over Jerusalem they will become plunder and spoil to all their enemies, because they have done what is evil in My sight and have provoked Me from the day their ancestors came out of Egypt until today. The Lord spoke to Manasseh and his people, but they didn't listen.

Warning to Shebna

Sennacherib's death He was struck down by his sons while worshipping his gods.

Manasseh's sin and repentance He also shed so much innocent bloods that he filled Jerusalem with it from one en to another.. So He brought against them the military commanders of the King of Assyria. They captured Manasseh with hooks, bound hi with bronze shackles, and took him to Babylon. When he was in distress, he sought the favour of the Lord his God and earnestly humbled himself before the God of his ancestors. He prayer to Him so He heard his petition and granted his request, and brought him back to Jerusalem, to his kingdom. So Manasseh came to know that the Lord is God.

His reforms Manasseh removed all the altars of the foreign gods and idols that he had built on the mountain of the Lord's temple and in Jerusalem, and he threw them all outside the city. He then built the altar of the Lord and offered fellowship and thanks offerings on it. He told Judah to serve the Lord God of Israel. However, the people still sacrificed at the high places, but only to the Lord their God.

His death Manasseh rested with his fathers, and he was buried in his own house. His son Amon became king in his place

Amon's evil life and death He was 22 years old when he became king. He reigned two years in Jerusalem. His mother's name was Meshullemeth daughter of Haruz; she was from Jotbah. He did what was evil in the Lord's sight as his father Manasseh had done  He abandoned the Lord God of his ancestors and did not walk in the way of the Lord.
His servants conspired against him and killed him in his own house. He was buried in his tomb in the garden of Uzza, and his son Josiah became king in his place. 

Josiah becomes king. Then the common people executed all those who had conspired against King Amon and made his son Josiah king in his place.

Psalm 1: 5-6
Therefore the wicked will not survive the judgment, and sinners will not be in the community of the righteous. For the Lord watches over the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked leads to ruin.


July 25, 2012

202 - Hezekiah's last days.

Kathleen's thoughts

2 Kings 19: 35 -36,20: 12-21,17: 24-41 That night the angel of the Lord went out and struck down 185,000 in the camp of the Assyrians. When the people got up the next morning - there were all dead bodies! So Sennacherib king of Assyria broke cam and left. He returned home and lived in Nineveh.
The rest of the events of  Hezekiah's reign, along with all his might and how he made the pool and the tunnel and brought water into the city, are written about in the Historical Record of Judah's kings. 
God gave him abundant possessions.
Hezekiah rested with his fathers and was buried on the ascent to the tombs of David's descendants. All Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem paid him honour at his death. His son Manasseh became king in his place.
The Babylonian ambassadors
Assyrians settle in Samaria

2 Chronicles 32: 21-23,27-33 And so the Lord Saved Hezekiah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem from the power of King Sennacherib of Assyria and from the power of all others. He gave them rest on every side.
Isaiah 37: 36-37, 39: 18 The Babylonian ambassadors.
Psalm 75: 1-10, 76: 1-12 God the judge and God the Victor


201 - Hezekiah's prayer answered

Kathleen's thoughts

First I wish to apologize for falling behind in the daily readings of God's word. Chareen and I have been rather stressed over the last couple of days with much on our plate and much prayer has and is still needed in our daily lives. Our walk with God has not wavered as He holds our hand and is the lifter of our heads.

2 Chronicles 32: 17,20 Sennacharib mocks the Lord God of Israel

2 Kings 19: 8-34 Rabshakeh said...Say this to Hezekiah king of Judah; Don't let your God, whom you trust deceive you by saying that Jerusalem won't be handed over to the king of Assyria. Hezekiah took the letter from the hand of the messengers, read it, then went up to the Lord's temple and spread it out before the Lord. Then King Hezekiah and the prophet Isaiah son of Amoz prayed about this and cried out to heaven.
27. But I know your sitting down, your going out and your coming in, and your raging against Me.

Isaiah 37: 8-35 Then  Isaiah son of Amoz sent a message to Hezekiah; The Lord, the God of Israel says; I have heard your prayer to Me about Sennacherib King of Assyria.

Psalm 73: 1-28. Yet I am always with You; You hold my right hand. You guide me with our counsel, and afterwards You will take me up in glory. Whom do I have in heaven but You? And I desire nothing on earth but You. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart, my portion forever. Those far from You will certainly perish; You destroy all who are
unfaithful to You. But as for me, God's presence is my good. I have made the Lord God my refuge, so I can tell about all You do.

Hezekiah's prayer. Lord of Hosts, God of Israel, who is enthroned above the cherubim, You are God You alone - of all the kingdoms of the earth. You made the heavens and the earth. Listen closely, Lord, and hear; open Your eyes, Lord, and see; heart all the words that Sennacherib has sent to mock the living God. Lord, it is true that the kings of Assyria have devastated all these countries and their lands., and have thrown their gods into the fire; for they were not gods but made by human hands - wood and stone. So they have destroyed them. Now , Lord our God, save us from his hand so that all the kingdoms of the earth may know that You are the Lord - You alone."

God answers the prayers. Therefore this is what the Lord says about the king of Assyria; He will not enter this city or shoot and arrow there or come before it with a shield or build up an assault ramp against it. He will go back on the road that he came and he will not enter this city This is the Lord's declaration.
I will defend this city and rescue it,k because of Me and because of My servant David.

James: 4:8 Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.


July 18, 2012

200 - Hezekiah's consultation.

Kathleen's thoughts

Isaiah 32: 1-20, 33: 1-24, 36:21-22. 37: 1-7
Psalm 44: 1-26
2 Kings 18: 36-37, 19: 1-7

  • Time of peace...But a noble person plans noble things; he stands up for noble causes.
  • Time of trouble
  • Time of blessing...Happy are you who sow seed beside abundant waters, who let ox and donkey range freely.
  • A prayer for help...Lord, be gracious to us! We wit for You. Be our strength every morning and our salvation in time of trouble. The Lord is exalted, for He dwells on high; He has filled Zion with justice and righteousness. There will be times of security for you a storehouse of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge. Thea fear of the Lord is Zion's treasure. 6. And there shall be stability in your times, and abundance of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge; the reverent fear and worship of the Lord is your treasure and His. KJV
  • The Lord's warning
  • The glorious future...Your eyes will see the king in his beauty; you will see a vast land. 22...For the Lord is our Judge, the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our King. He will save us.
  • Hezekiah humbles himself
  • Hezekiah consults Isaiah...The Lord says: Don't be afraid because of the words you have heard, that the king of Assyria's attendants have blasphemed Me with. I am about to put a spirit in him, and he will hear a rumour and return to his own land where I will cause him to fall by the sword."
  • Prayer for protection
Dan. 2: 17-18
Then Daniel went to his house and told his friends Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah about the matter, urging them to ask the God of heaven for mercy concerning this mystery, so Daniel and his friends would not be killed with the rest of Babylon's wise me.

Blessings this wonderful Wednesday

July 17, 2012

199 - Israel seeks help!

Kathleen's thoughts
Isaiah 36: 12-20, 29: 1-24, 29: 17-24, 30: 1-33, 31: 1-9

  • The Rabshakeh's defiance
  • Siege of Jerusalem prophesied.
  • The Jew's hypocrisy
  • Future blessings...Therefore the Lord that redeemed Abraham says this about the house of Jacob. Jacob will no longer be ashamed and his face will no longer be pale. For when he sees his children, the work of My hands within his nation, they will honour My name, they will honour the Holy One of Jacob and stand in awe of the God of Israel. Those who are confused will gain understanding and those who grumble will accept instruction.
  • The Jews reproved
  • The disobedient people
  • God's mercies...Therefore the Lord is waiting to show you mercy, and is rising up to show you compassion, for the Lord is a just God. Happy are all who wait patiently for Him.
  • Final ruin of the Assyrians
  • The folly of seeking help
  • God's care for Jerusalem...Return to the One the Israelities have greatly rebelled against. For on that day each one will reject the silver and gold idols that your own hands have sinfully made...Then Assyria will fall, but not by human sword, a sword will devour him, but not one made by man. He will flee from the sword, his young men will be put to forced labour. His rock will pass away because of fear, and his officers will be afraid because of the signal flag. This is the Lord's declaration  - whose fire is in Zion and whose furnace is in Jerusalem.
Acts 7: 51
"You stiff-necked people with uncircumcised hearts and ears! You are always resisting the Holy Spirit; as your forefathers did, so do you.."


July 16, 2012

198 - Jerusalem threatened,

Kathleen's thoughts,

Micah 7: 1- 20
2 Chronicles 32: 1-19
Isaiah 36: 1
2 Kings 18: 13-26-35

And interesting read  Micah 7: 5 Do not rely on a friend; don't trust in a close companion, Seal your mouth from the woman who lies in your arms.
For a son considers his father a fool, a daughter opposes her mother, and a daughter-in-law is against her mother-in-law; a person's enemies are the people in his own home. But as for me, I will look to the Lord' I will wait for the God of my salvation. My God will hear me. This type of walk one walks with the family can be a walk that can destroy your life and your family. One thing we all need to focus on is Love! Love is very important factor and when we walk in love truth prevails and sets us free. Free from a stronghold of self-centered-ness of what I want and what I can do and what makes my life the way I should have it. Consider others in the family, speak with respect and walk in love for each other and keep your eyes focused on the cross for this is the light of the foundations of family life.

The other day I was wondering what happened to all the gold that was in God's temple when Solomon built it. It's amazing how God answers questions like that. Here in Kings 18: 16.
King Hezekiah stripped the gold from the doors of the Lord's sanctuary and from the door posts he had overlaid and gave it to the king of Assyria.
On my merry travels around the Internet  I  found this reading most interesting so do take the time to go to this link below.


July 15, 2012

197 - Micah's prophecies.

Kathleen's thoughts.

Isaiah 66: 1-24
Micah 4; 1-13, 5: 1- 15, 6:1-16.

  • Vengeance is threatened. Heaven is My throne, and earth is MY footstool.  What house could you possibly build for Me? And what place could be My home?
  • Jerusalem's future glory
  • Final ruin of the ungodly
  • A kingdom of peace. In the last days the mountain of the Lord's house will be established at the top of the mountains and will be raised above the hills. Peoples will stream to it, and many nations will come and say, "Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of God of Jacob. He will teach us about His ways so we may walk in His paths." For instruction will go out of Zion and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.
  • Final triumph of Israel
  • Christ's birth prophesied.Bethlehem Ephrathah, you are small among the clans of Judah; One will come from you to be ruler over Israel for Me. His origin is from antiquity, from eternity. .He will stand and shepherd them in the strength of Yahweh in the majestic name of Yahweh, His God.
  • Deliverance and punishment. I will remove sorcery's from your hands, and you will not have any more fortune-tellers. I will remove your carved images and sacred pillar from you, so that you will not bow down again to the work of your hands. I will pull up the Asherahs poles from among you and demolish your cities. I will take vengeance in anger and wrath against the nations that have not obeyed Me.
  • God's controversy with Israel
  • The duties God requires. He has told you men what is good and what it is the Lord requires of you; Only to act justly, to love faithfulness, and to walk humbly with your God.
  • The wickedness of Israel


196 - The Lord's mercy

Kathleen's thoughts

Isaiah 62: 1-12, 63: 1-19, 64: 1-12, 65: 1-25.

  • God's care
  • The faithful watchmen..Jerusalem, I have appointed watchmen on your walls; they will never be silent, day or night, You, who remind the Lord, no rest for you!
  • Announcement of salvation. Look, the Lord has proclaimed to the end of the earth, "say to Daughter Zion; Look, your salvation is coming, His reward is with Him, and His recompense is before Him; And they will be called the Holy People, The Lords Redeemed
  • Christ's victory
  • The Lord's mercy to Israel
  • Prayer intercession
  • A confession of sin. yet Lord, You are our Father; we are the clay, and you are our potter; we all are the work of Your hands. 
  • The calling of the Gentiles
  • Remnant preserved
  • Judgements on the wicked. Whoever is blessed in the land will be blessed by the God of Truth, and whoever swears in the land will swear by the God of truth. For the former troubles will be forgotten and hidden from My sight..
  • The new Jerusalem. Even before they call, I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear, The wolf and the lamb will feed together, and the lion will eat straw like the ox, but the serpent's food will be dust! They will not do what is evil or destroy on My entire holy mountain' says the Lord.
You are the light of the world. A city situated on a hill cannot be hidden. Matt 5:14.


July 13, 2012

195 - Jerusalem's future greatness

Kathleen's thoughts

Isaiah 58: 1-14, 59: 1-21, 60: 1-22, 61: 1-11

  • True worship
  • Reward for keeping the Sabbath
  • The people's sins condemned.
  • The people's confession.
  • The coming of Christ.
  • Jerusalem's future glory
  • All nations to honour God's people
  • God's favour and mercy
  • Good news of deliverance.
58: 13. If you turn away your foot from (travelling unduly on) the Sabbath, from doing your own pleasure on My holy day and call the Sabbath a delight, the Holy day of the Lord Honourable, and honour Him and it not going your own way or seeking or finding your own pleasure or speaking with your own (idle) words.
I can remember as a young girl my parents went to church then home and would not even knit, sew. It was spent quietly. Some homes did their cooking on the Saturday and ate the Sunday. Interesting what we do today. Malls are open and it's just another day.

60: 19. The sun shall no more be your light by day, nor for brightness shall the moon give light to you, but the Lord shall be to you an everlasting light, and your God your glory and your beauty.
20. Your sun shall no more go down nor shall your moon withdraw itself for the Lord shall be your everlasting light, and the days of your mourning shall be ended.

Chapter 61 is a beautiful chapter it encourages you beyond measure.

3 To grant to those who mourn in Zion. to give them an ornament (a garland or diadem) of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning , the garment of praise instead of a heavy burdened, and failing spirit that they may be called oaks of righteousness the planting of the Lord , that He may be glorified.

6. But you shall be called the priests of the Lord; people will speak of you as the ministers of our God. You shall  eat the wealth of the nations and the glory  shall be yours.

7. Instead of your shame you shall have a twofold recompense; instead of dishonour and reproach shall rejoice in their portion. Therefore in their land they shall possess double (what they had forfeited) everlasting joy shall be theirs.

10. I will greatly rejoice in the Lord, my soul will exult in my God for He has clothed me with the garments of salvation. He has covered me with the robe of righteousness as a bridegroom decks himself with a garland, and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels.

Blessings and love to you

July 12, 2012

194 - My thoughts are not your thoughts

Chareen's Thoughts
  • Isaiah prophesies about the coming of Jesus.
  • He declares the never ending love for Jerusalem.
  • He shall see [the fruit] of the travail of His soul and be satisfied; by His knowledge of Himself [which He possesses and imparts to others] shall My [uncompromisingly] righteous One, My Servant, justify many and make many righteous (upright and in right standing with God), for He shall bear their iniquities and their guilt [with the consequences, says the Lord]. Isaiah 53:11
  • And all your [spiritual] children shall be disciples [taught by the Lord and obedient to His will], and great shall be the peace and undisturbed composure of your children. Isaiah 54:13
  • Thus says the Lord: Keep justice, do and use righteousness (conformity to the will of God which brings salvation), for My salvation is soon to come and My righteousness (My rightness and justice) to be revealed.(A) 2 Blessed, happy, and fortunate is the man who does this, and the son of man who lays hold of it and binds himself fast to it, who keeps sacred the Sabbath so as not to profane it, and keeps his hand from doing any evil. Isaiah 56:1-2
  • Why do you spend your money for that which is not bread, and your earnings for what does not satisfy? Hearken diligently to Me, and eat what is good, and let your soul delight itself in fatness [the profuseness of spiritual joy] Isaiah 55:2  
  • Seek, inquire for, and require the Lord while He may be found [claiming Him by necessity and by right]; call upon Him while He is near. Isaiah 55:6 
  •  For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, says the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts. Isaiah 55:8-9 
  •  So shall My word be that goes forth out of My mouth: it shall not return to Me void [without producing any effect, useless], but it shall accomplish that which I please and purpose, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it. Isaiah 55:11
  • Also the foreigners who join themselves to the Lord to minister to Him and to love the name of the Lord and to be His servants, everyone who keeps the Sabbath so as not to profane it and who holds fast My covenant [by conscientious obedience]— Isaiah 56:6
  • All these I will bring to My holy mountain and make them joyful in My house of prayer. Their burnt offerings and their sacrifices will be accepted on My altar; for My house will be called a house of prayer for all peoplesIsaiah 56:7
  • There is no peace, says my God, for the wicked. Isaiah 57:21 
So many many treasures in today's readings.  There is nothing to say except to ponder the depth of His words.


194 - God's people comforted

Kathleen's thoughts

Isaiah 53: 1-12, 54: 1-17, 55: 1-13, 56: 1-12, 57: 1-21

  • Christ the sin bearer
  • The Lord's never-ending love
  • The Future Jerusalem
  • God's offer of mercy
  • God's worldwide invitation
  • Israel's leaders condemned
  • Israel's idolatry condemned.
  • God's promise of help and healing.

What more can I say about this reading that it explains the wonders of prophecy. The beauty of Christ and the explanation of this wonderful love He had for us to die on the cross for our sins. The verses that stuck out was the description of Christ.

53: 2 For (The Servant of God) grew up before Him like a tender plant, and like a root out of dry ground. He has no form or comeliness (royal,kingly pomp) that we should look at Him, and no beauty that we should desire Him.

3. He was despised and rejected and forsaken by men, a Man of sorrows and pains, and acquainted with grief and sickness; and like One from Whom men hide their faces He was despised and we did not appreciate His worth or have any esteem for Him

4. Surely He has borne our grief's and carried our  sorrows and pains  considered Him stricken smitten and afflicted by God.

5. But He was wounded for our transgressions. He was bruised for our guilt and iniquities; the chastisement  peace and well-be-ing for us was upon Him, and with the stripes that wounded Him we are healed and made whole.

54: 5 For your Maker is your Husband - the Lord of hosts is His name - and the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer; the God of the whole earth He is called.

17. But no weapon that is formed against you shall prosper, and  every tongue that shall rise against you in judgment you shall show to be in the wrong. This  is the heritage of the servants of the Lord , this is the righteousness or the vindications which  they obtain from Me says the Lord.

55: 6 Seek inquire for, and require the Lord while He may be found; call upon HIm while He is near.

8. For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, says the Lord.
9. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and MY thoughts than your thoughts.

56: 7 this is also found in Matthew 21:13. Their burnt offerings and their sacrifices will be accepted on My altar; FOR MY HOUSE WILL BE CALLED A HOUSE OF PRAYER FOR ALL PEOPLES.
I have heard many people say that God's house is just a building and it does not matter what you do in it and when I walk into a Church that has been turned it into a place for fete's and various other things I always get the chills and remember this scripture. For my house will be called a house of prayer. Jesus respected God's house and covered His head with a prayer shawl.
It's not just a building it is a house of prayer and worship. A place were the lost can go when they need comfort and help. When they see this building it represents Christ  a place where hope can be found. Hope in Christ. Christ is light and the word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. 
I can always remember as a wee girl we were taught to respect God's house. We use to walk into the church and sit quietly and I use to look around and you would see peoples heads bowed down in prayer and those you can see just sitting there taking in God's peace. Today you walk into God's house and you have people shouting from one end of the room to the other kids jumping on chairs and it's just a noise. I don't see any kind of respect for the house of prayer. 
New age is it?? It's a thought next time you walk into God's house.

Blessings for those who come to this page and may Christ be the light of your life and bring you peace.
Love to you and your precious families.

July 11, 2012

193 - On the palm of each of My hands

Chareen's Thoughts
  • Isaiah speaks today about the restoration of Jerusalem.
  • Behold, I have indelibly imprinted (tattooed a picture of) you on the palm of each of My hands; [O Zion] your walls are continually before Me. Isaiah 49:16

If My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves, pray, seek, crave, and require of necessity My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

As I have entered this new season in my life of been the mother of teenagers and experienced the ups and downs that go along with this season it has given me a new insight into the Father Heart of God as I have read Isaiah.  To see His heartache and to read His longing for a relationship is heart rending.


193 - The restoration of Jerusalem.

Kathleen's thoughts

Isaiah 49: 1-26, 50: 1-11, 51: 1-23, 52: 1-15

  • Israel, a light to the nations.
  • Restoration of Jerusalem
  • Obedience of the Lord's servant.
  • The faithful encouraged.
  • The end of Jerusalem's suffering
  • God will rescue Jerusalem.
  • The suffering servant.
49: 16 Look, I have inscribed you on the palms of MY hands, your walls are continually before Me. 25 I will contend with the one who contends with you, and I will save your children.

52: 7 How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good tidings, who publishes peace, who brings good tidings of good, who publishes salvation, who says to Zion, Your God  reigns. This has been made into a beautiful song and I love singing it too. 
In this reading today one can see God's compassion and love for His people. God wants us to walk with Him and He so wants to bless us. Our God does reign.


July 10, 2012

192 - Who leads you in the way that you should go

Chareen's Thoughts
  • I form the light and create darkness, I make peace [national well-being] and I create [physical] evil (calamity); I am the Lord, Who does all these things. Isaiah 45:7
  • Isaiah declares that He is Lord of All.  He speaks about The Lord of Creation.
  • He speaks about the deliverance from Babylon and the Judgement on Babylon.
  • Declaring the end and the result from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all My pleasure and purpose, Isaiah 46:10

Thus says the Lord, your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: I am the Lord your God, Who teaches you to profit, Who leads you in the way that you should go. Isaiah 48:17

May you be blessed as we remember that He is our Redeemer the Lord our God who teaches us and leads us in the way we should go.


192 - Lord of all

Kathleen's thoughts

Isaiah 45: 1-25, 46: 1-13, 47" 1-15, 48: 1-22

These chapters are about

  • Cyrus, a chosen vessel
  • The Lord of creation and history
  • Lord of all
  • Deliverance from Babylon
  • Judgment on Babylon
  • God is Lord of the future
  • Cyrus,the Lord's chosen leader.
  • The Lord's plan for His people.
45: 18For thus says the Lord - Who created the heavens, God Himself, Who formed the earth and made it. Who established it and did not create it to be a worthless waste; He formed it to be inhabited- I am the Lord, and there IS NO ONE ELSE.

45: 22 -23Look to Me and be saved, all the ends of the earth! For I am God, and there is no other.
I have sworn by Myself, the word is gone out of My mouth in righteousness and shall not return, that  unto Me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear.

48: 10 Behold I have refined you, but not as silver, I have tried and chosen you in the furnace of affliction. 12. Listen to Me, O Jacob, and Israel <y called; I am He; I am the First, I also am the Last.

Some information I found about Cyrus...
Nearly 150 years before Cyrus was born, the prophet Isaiah foretold his birth, his name, and the tasks that the Creator God had predetermined for him to accomplish. The Bible records that certain people are foreordained to be born and carry out specific tasks for God during their lifetime and a few of these individuals are even named before their birth. Cyrus the Great was one of these individuals whom God had predestined to play a pivotal roll in his awesome plan for humanity.
King Cyrus was an extremely important person, because God destroyed the Babylonian empire through him, and brought a close to a seventy-year punishment of the Jews that God imposed on them for their rebellion against him. Also through King Cyrus, God set into motion his seventy-week prophecy that fixed the year for the Messiah's death and resurrection, and reveals the sequence of events and dates for the Messiah's return which will bring to an end human rule of the earth, and usher in the government of God to rule over the entire earth.
Although historians have slightly differing interpretations and views of the historical record concerning the dates of Cyrus' birth and death and his various accomplishments, there is ample historical documentation that Cyrus the Great was indeed a real person whose name is mentioned over 22 times in the Bible and whose tomb in Iran can be visited today.
Cyrus' Protection
In Volume 1 of his historical works, The Greek historian Herodotus records that, before Cyrus' birth, King Astyages dreamed that out of his daughter Mandane flowed a stream of water that filled his capital and flooded all of Asia. When he asked the interpreters of dreams what this meant, they told him that his pregnant daughter would have a son who would overthrow his rule.
In order to stop this perceived threat to his rule, King Astyages sent for his trusted servant Harpagus and told him to kill and bury his daughter's child as soon as it was born; however, Harpagus could not bring himself to kill the newborn child and instead gave him to a shepherd and his wife to kill. But, they were also unwilling to kill the child and instead reared Cyrus as their own.
Harpagus' reluctance to kill the infant Cyrus and the emotional attachment to the newborn child by the married couple shows the Creator God's hand at work to fulfill his plan for Cyrus. See Isa.45:10-13.
The Bible is full of accounts of individuals in whom God had a special interest being protected and guided through their life; this was the case with Cyrus. God had foreordained this man to be his anointed servant (Isa.45:1) and protected and guided the events of his life in order for him to fulfill his destiny.
Cyrus the Man
Cyrus was the grandson of Astyages, King of the Medes. He was born in the province of Persis, in southwest Iran in 590 BC and died in battle in 530 B.C.. He founded the Archaemenian dynasty and the Persian Empire. He overthrew three great empires: the Medes, Lydians, and Babylonians. He also united most of the ancient Middle East into a single state stretching from India to the Mediterranean Sea, which meant that he possessed the largest empire in the world at that time.
Cyrus was a leader of tremendous military ability and high moral and ethical values; he was not inclined to extreme brutality, cruelty, and the perpetual conquest for new territories as were many other conquerors. Cyrus was also extremely tolerant of the customs and the religions of the nations he conquered.
The Greeks considered the Persian Empire to be the greatest threat to their own independence, but they highly regarded Cyrus because of his character and ethical rule.

48: 17 Thus says the Lord, your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel; I am the Lord your God, Who teaches you to profit. Who leads you in the way that you should go.

48: 22 There is no peace, says the Lord, for the wicked.


July 09, 2012

191 - Israel's God's witness.

Kathleen's thoughts

Isaiah 42: 1-25 / 43: 1-28 / 44: 1 - 28.

I cross stitched this and presented it to the
Church of the Nazarene Christchurch
New Zealand on the day it re-opened it's doors
December 2004
The chapters read today  are about :
The Lords servant
A song of praise
God promises His help
Israel's failure to learn
God's promised rescue
Israel is God's witness
Escape from Babylon
Israel's sin
The only God
Idolatry ridiculed
The creator and Saviour

There are many many verses that stood out for me today as I read. Over the years I have read them and heard them as well as preachers preach them. So they stood out quite a bit especially scriptures referring to them.
44: 3 For I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground; I will pour out My Spirit on your descendants and My blessing on your offspring.

43: 25 It is I who sweep away your transgressions for My own sake and remember your sins no more.

43: 10-10 You are My witnesses, says the Lord, and My servant whom I have chosen, that you may know Me, believe Me and remain steadfast to Me. And understand that I am He, Before Me there was no God formed., neither shall there be after Me.
The amplified Bible KJ

43:11-13 I even I, am the Lord, and besides Me there is no Saviour...I have declared and have saved and I have shown (that I am God) when there was no strange and alien god among you;p therefore you are My witnesses, says the Lord, that I am God...Yes, from the time of the first existence of day and from this day forth I am He; and there is no one who can deliver out of My hand. I will work and who can hinder or reverse it?
The amplified bible. KJ.

44: 6 Thus says the Lord, the King of Israel and his Redeemer, the Lord of hosts; I am the First and I am the Last, besides Me there is no God. (Rev 1: 17; 2: 8, 22: 13)
The Amplified bible KJ.


191 - Behold, I am doing a new thing!

Chareen's Thoughts
  • Behold my Servant, Whom I uphold, My elect in Whom My soul delights! I have put My Spirit upon Him; He will bring forth justice and right and reveal truth to the nations. Isaiah 42:1 fulfilled in Matt. 3:16, 17.
  • I am the Lord; that is My name! And My glory I will not give to another, nor My praise to graven images. Isaiah 42:8
  • Isaiah continues to speak about Israel the Lord's servant, a song of praise and His promise of help. He expresses frustration over Israel's failure to learn.
  • The Lord promises to rescue Israel and speaks about Israel being His witness. They will escape Babylon.
  • But now [in spite of past judgments for Israel’s sins], thus says the Lord, He Who created you, O Jacob, and He Who formed you, O Israel: Fear not, for I have redeemed you [ransomed you by paying a price instead of leaving you captives]; I have called you by your name; you are Mine. Isaiah 43:1
  • Isaiah speaks about Israels sin of idolotry, declares there is only ONE God, and declares the Creator and Saviour.
I feel so blessed with this scripture.  I struggle with looking foward and not remembering the things behind.  I feel encouraged and admonished.
Blessed be the Lord our God
Do not [earnestly] remember the former things; neither consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs forth; do you not perceive and know it and will you not give heed to it? I will even make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. Isaiah 43:18-19

July 08, 2012

190 - The incomparable God

Kathleen's thoughts

Isaiah 3: 1-8, 38: 21-22... Hezekiah's illness and healing. Hezekiah prayers "Please Lord, remember how I have waked before You faithfully and wholeheartedly, and have done what is good in Your sight. And Hezekiah wept bitterly. Then the word of the Lord came to Isaiah. "Go and tell Hezekiah that this is what the Lord God of your ancestors David says; I have heard your prayers; I have seen your tears. Look I am going to add 15 years to your life. And I Will deliver you and this city from the hand of King Assyria; I will defend this city.

Isaiah 38: 9-20 Hezekiah is thankful. 19. The living only the living can thank You, as I do today; a father will make Your faithfulness known to children
The Lord will save me; we will play stringed instruments all the days of our lives at the house of the Lord.

Isaiah 40: 1-9 Words of hope.A voice of one crying out; Prepare the way of the Lord in the wilderness: make straight highway for our God in the desert....9 Zion, herald of good news, go up on a high mountain. Jerusalem, herald of good news, raise your voice loudly. Raise it, do not be afraid! Say to the cities of Judah, Here is your God!.

Isaiah 40: 10-11 God's care and protection... See, the Lord God comes with strength, and His power establishes His rule. His reward is with Him, and His gifts accompany Him. He protects His flock like a shepherd; He gathers the lambs in His arms. and carries them in the fold of His garment.

Isaiah 40: 12-26 Israel's incomparable God. 21 Do you not know? Have you not heard? Has it not been declared to you from the beginning? Have you not considered the foundations for the earth? God is enthroned above the circle of the earth.

Isaiah 40: 27-31 God reassures His people. King James version.

28 Hast thou not known? hast thou not heard, that the everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth, fainteth not, neither is weary? there is no searching of his understanding.
29 He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength.
30 Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall:
31 But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

Isaiah 41: 1-20 Good's promise to Israel. 13....For I, the Lord your God, hold your right hand and say to you DO NOT FEAR.\,  I WILL HELP YOU!. Your Redeemer is the Holy one of Israel.

Isaiah 41; 21-29 The Lord's challenge.

Been to Church today and a gentleman sang at church  "On eagles wings" by Michael Joncas.
Is this a coincidence with today's readings or is it God's hand for today's teaching. I say the latter. It just shows you how God directs our paths and makes them straight when we let the word be a lamp to our feet and a light to our path.


190 - You have cast all my sins behind Your back

Chareen's Thoughts
Stairway of Ahaz
  • Hezekiah became terminally ill.  Isaiah instructed him to get his affairs in order for his time will be soon.  Hezekiah cries out to the Lord who hears him and heals him.  He also blesses Hezekiah with an extra 15 years of life.  As a sign the Lord makes the shadow of the sun go back 10 steps.
  • Hezekiah is thankful. Isaiah 38:15 But what can I say? For He has both spoken to me and He Himself has done it. I must go softly [as in solemn procession] all my years and my sleep has fled because of the bitterness of my soul. This verse touched me.
  • Isaiah brings words of hope and comfort. 
  • We read the prophesies of John the Baptist and Jesus {Isaiah 40:3 & Mark 1:3, Isaiah 40:5 & Luke 3:5-6, Isaiah 40:8 & James 1:10, Isaiah 40:9 & Acts 10:36}
  • Isaiah expounds on God's Care and Protection.
  • He tells us of how Incomparable God is. Lift up your eyes on high and see! Who has created these? He Who brings out their host by number and calls them all by name; through the greatness of His might and because He is strong in power, not one is missing or lacks anything. Isaiah 40:26
  • God reassures His people and makes a promise to Israel.
  • Have you not known? Have you not heard? The everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth, does not faint or grow weary; there is no searching of His understanding. Isaiah 40:28
  • He gives power to the faint and weary, and to him who has no might He increases strength [causing it to multiply and making it to abound]. Even youths shall faint and be weary, and [selected] young men shall feebly stumble and fall exhausted; But those who wait for the Lord [who expect, look for, and hope in Him] shall change and renew their strength and power; they shall lift their wings and mount up [close to God] as eagles [mount up to the sun]; they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint or become tired. Isaiah 40:29-31 
  • Who has prepared and done this, calling forth and guiding the destinies of the generations [of the nations] from the beginning? I, the Lord—the first [existing before history began] and with the last [an ever-present, unchanging God]—I am He. Isaiah 41:4 
  • For I the Lord your God hold your right hand; I am the Lord, Who says to you, Fear not; I will help you! Isaiah 41:13 
  •  Isaiah finishes up today with the Lord's challenge to bring your case and your arguments.
I have really enjoyed reading today's word.

Behold, it was for my peace that I had intense bitterness; but You have loved back my life from the pit of corruption and nothingness, for You have cast all my sins behind Your back. Isaiah 38:17 The living, the living—they shall thank and praise You, as I do this day; the father shall make known to the children Your faithfulness and Your truth. Isaiah 38:19
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He gives power to the faint and weary, and to him who has no might He increases strength [causing it to multiply and making it to abound]. Isaiah 40:29
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