May 10, 2012

130 - Temple duties.

Kathleen's thoughts

1 Chronicles 26: 1 - 32, 27: 1-34, 28: 1-10, 23:1
Psalm 145: 1-8 David's hymns of praise. I exalt you, my God the King and praise Your name forever and ever...I will praise You every day; I will honour Your name forever and ever...Yahweh is great and is highly praised; His greatness is unsearchable.

David continues to see to the temple by dedicating the Temple guards, administrative duties,  the Temple treasurers. Seeing to the military force Chiefs of the twelve tribes, overseers and officers.

David addresses the people.
David assembled in Jerusalem all the leaders of Israel; the leaders of the tribes, the leaders of the divisions in the king's service, the commanders of thousands and the commanders of hundreds and the officials in charge of all the property and cattle of the king and his sons, along with the court officials the fighting men and all the brave warriors.Then King David rose to his feet and said. :Listen to me, my brothers and my people.
It was my heart to build a house as a resting place for the ark of the Lord's covenant and as a footstool for our God. But God said to me, You are not to build a house for My name because you are a man of war and have shed blood.
He has chosen my son Solomon to sit on the throne of the Lord's kingdom over Israel. and it is he that is to build My house and My courts for I have chosen him to be My son, and I will be his father. I will establish his kingdom forever if he perseveres in keeping My commandments and My ordinances as he is today.
As for you, Solomon, my son, know the God of your father, and serve Him with a whole heart and a willing mind for the Lord searches every heart and understands the intention of every thought. If you seek Him He will be found by you, but if you forsake Him, He will reject you forever. Realize now that the Lord has chosen you to build a house for the sanctuary. Be strong, and do it

It remind's me of the scripture Matthew 7:7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: KJV

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