May 07, 2012

126 - Israel and Judah quarrel.

Kathleen's thoughts

2 Samuel 19: 31-43, 20: 1-26, 21: 1- 14
Psalm 29; 1-11, 65: 1-13
29 is a Psalm that honours God's majesty and Psalm 65 is of thanks giving.

The readings today ... David wanted Barzillai to cross over at the river Jordan and to come and live with him in Jerusalem but he asked the king to stay as he was 80 years old and wanted to die in the place where he lived so he offered Chimham to cross over with him and so this all took place and the king went on to Gilgal and Chimham went with him. So all of Israel's and all the troops of Judah escorted the king.
Then Israel quarrels with Judah
Now a wicked man who's name was Sheba son of Bichri happened to be there and he blew the ram's horn and shouted. We have no portion in David, no inheritance in Jesse's son Each man to his ten, Israel. So all the men of Israel deserted David and followed Sheba. But the men from Judah remained loyal to the king.
When David entered his palace in Jerusalem he took the 10 concubines that he had left behind to take care of the palace and placed them under guard and was never intimate with them until they died.

Joab kills Amasa. Amasa was sent by the king to summon the men of Judah within three days but he took longer than he should have so David said to Abishai  Sheba will do more harm to us than Absalom so take your lord's soldiers and pursue him and doing his duty he found Amasa and went up to kiss him and in the process of doing this he took his sword and stabbed him in his stomach and killed him and he then went on to find Sheba  and they found that he was in Abel of Beth-maacah and he was ready to attack the place when a woman shouted for Joab to come to her and to stop trying to bash the walls down. So Joab went to her and she said to him why are you trying to destroy a city that is like a mother in Israel and why would you devour the Lord's ;inheritance. Joab said he did not want to destroy it but there is a man named Sheba son of Bichri who has rebelled against the king so deliver this one man and I will withdraw from the city so the woman replied she would and she would throw his head over the wall to him and she did this so Joab blew the ram's horn.
During David's reign there was a famine for three years so David inquired of the Lord. and it was because of the blood shed by Saul and his family when he killed the Gibeonites. And so David sorted this out
The Gibeonites avenged
David took the bones of the seven male descendants of Saul's family that was hung and the bones on Saul and his son Jonathan and buried them in the tomb of Saul's father Kish.

David right to the end was faithful to Saul and his family. What a service it is just a pity that Saul could not see the love he had for him and his family.

A gentle answer turns away anger, but a harsh word stirs up wrath' Prov 15:1


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