May 14, 2012

134 - Solomon prepares to build the temple.

Kathleen's thoughts

1 Kings 3: 16 - 28, 4; 1-28, 5:1-12, 7:13-14, 5:13-18
2 Chronicles 2:18

Solomons judgement between two woman who had babies and the one dies from the mother sleeping on it and that mother steals the baby from the other woman and places the dead baby in her arms. These two woman came before Solomon claiming this baby is theirs and Solomon judges over them by wanting to cut the baby in half and the real mother shouts give the baby to her and the deceased baby's mother agrees by cutting it in half and the wisdom of Solomon knows the real mother by her wanting to spare the child and he gave the baby to the real mother.

Solomons court - the names given in 1 King 4: 1-19

1 Kings 4 & 5 is Solomon's daily provisions and the agreement with Hiram and treaty with Hiram to supply the craftsman who is skilled in engraving to work with gold silver crimson, and blue yarn. He will work with the craftsmen who are with me in Judah and Jerusalem  Also send me cedar, cypress, and algum logs from Lebanon, for I know that your servants know how to cut the trees of Lebanon. Note that my servants will be with your servants to prepare logs for me in abundance because the temple I am building will be great and wonderful I will give your servants the woodcutters who'd cut the trees 100,000 bushels of wheat flour, 110,000 gallons of wine, and 110, 000 gallon of oil
The King Hiram of Tyre wrote a letter and sent it to Solomon.
Because the Lord loves His people, He set you over them as king. May the Lord God of Israel, who made the heavens and the earth, be praised!

Solomon took a census of all the foreign men in the land of Israel, after the census that his father David had conducted, and the total was 153,000 Solomon made 70,000 of the porters, 80,000 stone cutters in the mountains and 3,600 supervisors to make the people work.


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