August 24, 2012

236 - Jeremiah laments Jerusalem's fate

Kathleen's thoughts

Lamentations 1: 1-22, 2: 1-22, 3:1-36

Jerusalem;s miserable state
Jerusalem's sorrow
The Lord's terrible punishment
Jeremiah's deep sorrow
Jeremiah's suffering
Hi hope
The Lord's mercy.

Jeremiah's moans and groaning must have been a wrenching cry when he saw what happened to Jerusalem/Judah. His cry to the Lord and some of the scriptures in today's reading I found of most interest was
2:1 How the Lord has overshadowed Daughter Zion with His anger!
He has thrown down Israel's glory from heaven to earth.
He has abandoned His footstool in the day of His anger. Remembering here that scripture "The earth is His footstool"
2: 6 He has done violence to His temple as if it were a garden booth, destroying His place of meeting.
The Lord has abolished appointed festivals and Sabbaths in Zion.
He has despised king and priest in His fierce anger.
2:9 Zion's gates have fallen to the ground; He has destroyed and shattered the bars on her gates.Her king and her leaders live among the nations, instruction is no more, and even her prophets receive no vision from the Lord.
2:10 The elders of Daughter Zion sit on the ground in silence.
They have thrown dust on their heads and put on sack cloth.
The young women of Jerusalem have bowed their heads to the ground.
2: 12 They cry out to their mother; where is the grain and wine?
as they faint like the wounded in the streets of the city, as their lives fade away in the arms of their mothers.

3: 22-24 Because of the Lord's faithful love we do not perish, for His mercies never end.
They are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness!
I say; The Lord is my portion, therefore I will put my hope in  Him.
3:28 Let him sit alone and be silent, for God has disciplined him.
3: 31-33 For the Lord will not reject us forever,
Even if He causes suffering, He will show compassion according to His abundant, faithful love.
For He does not enjoy bringing affliction or suffering on mankind.


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