August 15, 2012

228 - The Lord's reminder

Kathleen's thoughts

Ezekiel 19: 1-14, 20: 1-49, 21: 1-7

A lament for Israel's princes
Another lament
A reminder to the leaders
In the wilderness
In Canaan
Pardon and restoration
Prophecy against Jerusalem
The Lord's sword

When I read this reading of how the Israelites just continued to worship other gods and perform such abominable things and God with His compassion and constant reminders of what He did to get them out of Egypt and His promises and yet they hardened their hearts and continued to sin. The prophesy was given to them and we today still do not listen the prophesy in Revelation and throughout the Bible and yet we still do not listen.

We serve a awesome God who's grace and favour is in abundance turn to Him it's thee only way, there is no other than our creator who we call Yahweh

We must therefore pay even more attention to what we have heard, so that we will not drift away Heb 2:1


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