August 04, 2012

217 - Further sings.

Kathleen's thoughts

Jeremiah 17: 14 -27, 18: 1-23, 19: 1-15, 20: 1-18, 24: 1 47: 1-7

Jeremiah's prayer Hear me, Lord and I will be healed; save me, and I will be saved, for You are my praise.

The Sabbath If you do not listen to Me to consecrate the Sabbath day by not carrying a load while entering the gates of Jerusalem on the Sabbath day, I will set fire to its gates, and it will consume the citadels of Jerusalem and not be extinguished.

The sign of the potter's vessel The word of the Lord came to me House of Israel, can I not treat you as this potter treats his clay? This is the Lord's declaration. Just like clay in the potter's hand so are you in My hand, house of Israel.

The people's rejection I will scatter them before the enemy like the east wind. I will show them My back and not My face on the day of their calamity.

A plot against Jeremiah The certain ones said
Come let's make plans against Jeremiah, for the law will never be lost from the priest, or counsel Fromm he wise, or an oracle from the prophet. Come let's denounce him and pay no attention to all his words.

The broken jug Then you are to shatter the just in the presence of the people traveling with you, and you are to proclaim to them...This is what the Lord of Hosts says. I will shatter these people and this city, like one shatters a potter's jar that can never again be mended.

Jeremiah's conflict with Pashhur Jeremiah came back from Topheth, where the Lord had sent him to prophesy, stood in the courtyard oft he Lord's temple, and proclaimed to all the people
This is what the Lord of Hosts, the God of Israel, says; I am about to bring on this city - and on all its dependent villages 0 all the disaster that I spoke against it, for they have become obstinate, not obeying My words.
Then Pashhur the priest, the son of Immer and chief officer in the house of the Lord heard Jeremiah prophesying these things. So Pashhur had Jeremiah the prophet beaten and put him the stocks at the Upper Benjamin Gate in the Lord's temple. The next day Jeremiah said to him The Lord does not call you Pashhur, but Magormissabib, for this is what the Lord says. I am about to make you a terror to both yourself and those you love. and will fall by the sword. as for you Pashhur, and all who live in your house, you will go into captivity. You will go to Babylon. There you will die, and there you will be buried, you and all your friends that you prophesied falsely to..

Jeremiah's complaint He complains to the Lord because of the prophesy he told.

Jehoiakim's rebellion

Message against Philistia


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