February 19, 2012

49 - Leprosy - Mildew

Christ cleansing a leper
by Jean-Marie Melchior Doze, 1864
Kathleen's thoughts.

The law about this disease is rather a frightening disease! The Biblical era had to live outside the city as they were unclean and had to walk around calling out "unclean, unclean" There mouth had to be covered too. God was telling us that through our mouths infection spreads.

This is a subject that today's generation should take note of. I often see on National TV people complaining about their home full of Mildew. God tells us in His Word that it's considered a contaminated area and it's unclean. In the Biblical days they had to move out of their homes and the priest had to examine the property. It took seven days and if the Priest went back and the mildew had grown and there was red and green Mildew the building had to be cleaned out by taking the bricks and mortar in the infected area and have it replaced and then another 7days of waiting then the priest would go back and if it had regrown the mildew through that the building or place had to be demolished and burnt outside the city.

Why don't we follow God's instructions in all this?
Food for thought!

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