February 25, 2012

More about the Tassels (Tekhelet)

I was searching for more information on the prayer shawels and tassels in todays readings and found this very interresting documetary

Quote from YouTube - The Mystery of Tekhelet is a fascinating documentary that takes the viewer on a journey through history in search of the ancient blue dye, Tekhelet. The movie, richly filmed, travels through 3000 years of Jewish history. Come see scuba divers collecting the snails of Tekhelet off the coast of Israel. Observe Bedouin shepherds shearing sheep. Participate in sophisticated chemical analysis of the dyes as well as the actual dyeing of Tekhelet in a 2500 year old Tekhelet factory. The Biblical commandment of Tzitzit and Tekhelet becomes meaningful in a profound way in P'til Tekhelet's The Mystery of Tekhelet.

The Mystery Of Tekhelet Part I of III

The Mystery Of Tekhelet Part II of III

The Mystery Of Tekhelet Part III of III

May you be as blessed as I was by these videos

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