February 27, 2012

57 - Dissatisfaction among the people

Kathleen's thoughts

It's hard to believe after all the time the people spent with Moses and Aaron they should have known that it was God who placed them in charge of the people. God's wrath is sent out on Dathan and Abiram and their families God opened up the earth and swallowed them up in front of all the other Levities and the 250 of them that were left with their pans of fire and incense, the fire came out from the Lord and consumed the 250 men who were presenting the incense.

The next day the whole Israelite community complained about Moses and Aaron, saying " You have killed the Lord's people!" God told Moses to make atonement for the people and after Moses took the fire pan placed fire from the altar in it and added incense. Aaron then ordered by Moses ran into the middle of the assembly and saw that the plague had begun among the people. After he added incense he made atonement for the people He stood between the dead and the living and the e plague halted, theses who died that day was 14,700. Then God proved His chosen by making each of the 12 tribes bring a staff with their names on it to the tent of meeting and the one which sprouts is the one who with be in charge. Aaron also placed his staff there and it was his that sprouted buds and leaves. This was proof from God that it was Aaron to be in charge of the tent of meeting. So it was Aaron and his sons that were responsible for the tent of meeting. The Levites responsibilities was given to take care of the outside of the tent.

One of the interesting read was about Aaron and God.
Numbers 18: 20 When the Lord told Aaron, You will not have an inheritance in their land; there will be no portion among them for you. I am your portion and your inheritance among the Israelites.


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