February 08, 2012

39 - in whom the Lord has put wisdom

Chareen's Thoughts:
  • Leviticus 27:25 All your valuations will be measured by the standard sanctuary shekel, 20 gerahs to the shekel.  I love this verse.  God Himself places the yard stick on weights and measures so there can be no argument as to the value of anything.  Even today we employ people to check and keep weights and measures accurate.  One of my friends works at CSIRO and this is his job.
  • Every tenth of the land's produce, grain from the soil or fruit from the trees, belongs to the LORD; it is holy to the LORD. Leviticus 27:30
  • Exodus 34:29-35 Moses face shone with the glory of God.  Imagine if we could see God's glory in each other ?  I wonder how we would change if we spent concentrated time in fellowship with our LORD ?  
  • Exodus 35- 4-29 Excellent read.  It has been asked where did all the materials come from to build the Tabernacle ?  Here it is explained. It's amazing that this multimillion dollar building was built entirely from free will offerings.
  • Exodus 36:1 ... every wise hearted man in whom the Lord has put wisdom and understanding to know how to do all the work for the service of the sanctuary shall work according to all that the Lord has commanded. It amazes me how the LORD anointed those He called for the task at hand.
  • Exodus 36:4-6 The people brought more than was needed to build the Tabernacle.  I wonder how often in history has anyone ever had to say enough .  Stop giving we have enough!
  • Exodus 37:1-24 explains how the Israelites obey God's commands to build.  How each instruction was followed.
 ... in whom the Lord has put wisdom and understanding to know how to do all the work
Exodus 36:1Often I forget just how much He does anoint us with.  I need to remember to ask Him for the wisdom I need to accomplish the work He has for me.


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