February 10, 2012

41 - They will serve as a reminder ...

The erection of the Tabernacle and the Sacred vessels
Chareen's Thougths:
  • Exodus 35:1-3 Sabbath a day of rest.  He gave it to us to rest and be renewed. It is holy unto Him.
  • Exodus 38: 21-31 is a complete accounting summary of what was used to build the Tabernacle. I was reading over at Pro Youth Worker and he worked out that it would cost around $57 000 000 to build the Tabernacle today. The thing that I find astounding is that all this was given freely ! Someone worked out that it would take 8 600 people to move the Tabernacle.
  • Silver Trumpets were used to alert the people.  Numbers 10:1-10 why ? ... They will serve as a reminder for you before your God: I am the LORD your God. Numbers 10:10 This has me thinking what can I do that will help me and my family remember the Lord my God daily, monthly and annually ?
  • Exodus 40 God tells Moses to set up the Tabernacle ready for service.
  • Numbers 3:5-39 The Levite Tribe is given to Aaron to serve as the temple/tabernacle carers. There were 22 000 males in this clan alone.
He leaves nothing to chance.  He is a God of order.  Everything had a place and a use.  Each person had their task and it was specific.

What do you do in your home that serves as a reminder of the Lord your God ?


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