February 03, 2012

34 - Make it accoding to the model I showed you.

Chareen's Thoughts
  • Exodus 25 -27 The reading today is a detailed account of the instructions the Lord gave to Moses concerning the design and construction of The Tabernacle. The Lord was very particular in how He wanted it constructed, what materials He wanted them to use in it's construction and where He wanted all the things placed within the Tabernacle.
  • Exodus 25:39 The lamp stand with all these utensils is to be made from 75 pounds of pure gold. Gold is measured in Troy ounces. However, the typical "pound" is not a troy measurement (it is technically called an Avoirdupois pound -- a typical American pound). There are ~14.583 Troy ounces in one American (Avoirdupois) pound.
    So to find the current value of of one pound of gold, simply multiply 14.583 times the current price of gold (look at goldprice.com for a current valuation).
    75 pounds x 14.583 ounces = 1 093.725 ounces of gold
    1 093.725 x AU$1 598.36 = AU $ 1 748 166.29
    Therefore the lamp stand and all the utensils would cost AU$ 1 748 166.29 to make today.
    Read more:How much is gold per pound ?

I asked a Jewish friend of mine about the book of Exodus and she shared some interesting insight to me: "It is the time the 10 commandments was given and the first time the Jewish people received their name. The Hebrew word for the 2nd book is Shemot which actually means names because this is when the Jewish people received their name-when the bible was translated from Hebrew into Greek they named it Exodus because they thought the whole point of the book was the Exodus, the Exodus was just an event for us, the whole point of the book was receiving our name and the 10 commandments from Mount Sinai" 

Several times God says to Abraham is told by the LORD: And see to it that you copy [exactly] their pattern which was shown you on the mountain Exodus 25:40


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