February 19, 2012

48 - Laws given to Moses and Aaron for the people

Kathleen's thoughts

I found this reading most interesting with the different foods we are allowed to eat and yet today's society eat but everything and then wonder why we are getting sick. We all love bacon (pork) but it is considered unclean. Shell fish - considered unclean but today its the most celebrated foods in festive seasons. Shell fish is full of toxins - they scavengers of the sea bed.
Have you ever looked at a cockroach and a Lobster they look alike. Cockroaches and pigs are scavengers of the ground. In other words it's Gods way of keep the seabed and earth clean.

Cleansing after childbirth.
A interesting insight to a woman's menstrual & childbirth anatomy.
After giving birth to a male she is unclean for 7 days female is 14 days. To continue her purification from bleeding is for 33 days for a boy and a girl is 66 days.

God has seen to everything and when you read Leviticus its like a medical dictionary guideline to all our health issues. Take for instance this. The hair in a infected area that is turning white is is a skin disease - infection. Dr's need to read the word to find out what is happening to their patients they might just find the wonderful cure for all diseases. There are many more instructions to our daily living.

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