February 01, 2012

32 - And the trumpet sounded and the Lord came down on it in fire

by Rembrandt (1659)
Kathleen's thoughts
It's hard to believe that the first month of the year has just passed and each day our journey into God's word has been a wonderful learning experience and to be able to share it with my daughter Chareen I know God has blessed me.
In Exodus 20: 6 But showing faithful love to a thousand generations of those who love Me and keep My commands.

The instructions God gave to Moses about His appearance on the mountain that the Israeli's were not to put a foot onto Mt Sinai or touch it's base if they do they will die. When the meeting is over a ram's horn sounds a long blast, they may go up the mountain.

I found it very interesting that the people had to purify themselves by washing themselves and their clothes and on the third day in the morning there was thunder and lightning and a thick cloud appeared on the mountain and a loud trumpet sound, so that all the people in the camp knew that the Lord was about to appear on the mountain. Moses took the people out of the camp to meet God. I see a similarity here with the NT. when Christ was crucified and there was thunder and lightening and the clouds became dark and thick and then He arose on the third day.

Can you imagine standing there and witnessing the Mountain enveloped in smoke because the Lord came down on it in fire! and the sound of the heavenly trumpets blasting growing louder and louder and when God speaks to Moses it's in the thunder. One can almost feel that breath taking moment.
The Ten Commandments are given to Moses a wonderful guide line to walk in life today. There is so much sadness on earth. If only we would just use this teaching daily so we can all live a better life serving our Lord and Saviour. These are found in Exodus 10:1-17 Do take the time and read them and learn by them so you can teach it to your children from generation to generation.

My precious parents

One of the most precious commandments to me is (they all precious but this one sticks out )

Honour your father and your mother so that you may have a long life in the land that the Lord your God is giving you.

Family has been given to us by God and we all need to HONOUR this precious gift.
There are many other laws to abide by and we all fail terribly in keeping them this is why God says stay in my word for it is a lamp to your feet and a light to you path if you don't God says my people will die from lack of knowledge.


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