April 11, 2012

102 - Save me from all those who pursue and persecute me

David and Jonathan
Rembrandt 1642
Chareens Thoughts
  • King Saul ordered everyone to kill David but Jonathan loved David and warned him.
  • David has full confidence in the Lord and reassures Jonathan. Psalm 11 IN THE Lord I take refuge [and put my trust]; how can you say to me, Flee like a bird to your mountain? ...
  • Jonathan spoke to his father and Saul took an oath not to have David killed and David returned to work for Saul.  
  • Once again there is a war with the Philistines and after the war King Saul tries to kill David.  He escapes home and his wife warns him that the kings attendents lie in wait to kill him.
  • Michal helps David and David prays again for safety Psalms 59
  • So David fled to Samuel in Ramah. Saul sent three sets of agents to fetch David and they failed so he himself went.
  • David prayed for justice. Psalms 7 O LORD my God, in You I take refuge and put my trust; save me from all those who pursue and persecute me, and deliver me, ...
  • David then prays for guidance and protection Psalm 25 Guide me in Your truth and faithfulness and teach me, for You are the God of my salvation; for You [You only and altogether] do I wait [expectantly] all the day long. ...
  • David flees from there and meets up with Jonathan who reassures him. Jonathan is sure that his father is not wanting to kill David but David is not sure so the two of them come to an agreement to find out King Sauls intentions.
When you read these beautiful Psalms in the context of what was happening in Davids life they take on a deeper meaning.  You start to see what the Lord saw in Davids heart.


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