April 07, 2012

98 - Deliverence was just around the corner ...

Saul Reproved by Samuel
for Not obeying the Commandments of the Lord
John Singleton Copley 1798
Chareen's Thoughts
  • After Jabesh-gilead was delivered Saul was confirmed as king.
  • Samuel established his integrity before Israel and reminded them of God's love for them and what would happen if they chose not to do as God said.
  • The Philistines invaded Israel and Israel began to fear but this was a test for Saul he was to wait for Samuel to come to offer a sacrifice.
  • No one had any spears because the Philistines during their rule had forbade it. Only Jonathan and Saul had spears.
  • Out of fear Saul disobeyed the word of the Lord and offered up a sacrifice. Then Samuel arrived and declared because of Saul's disobedience his reign would be removed from him and his family.
  • Saul reigned for 42 years 
I wonder just how many times I have walked my own way when my deliverence was just around the corner out of sight ?


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