April 04, 2012

95 - He will not share what is HIS

Jephthah's Daughter
James Tissot 1902
Chareens Thoughts
  • Jephthah continued his pursuit of the Ammorites and during this pursuit he makes a vow to the Lord that when he returns home whatever comes out of the doors of his home he will sacrifice to the Lord. Little did he know that would be his daughter ! (and only child)
  • God helped him to subdue the Ammorites and when he came home his daughter approached him. When she heard her fathers vow she mourned that she would not marry before going to the temple to fulfill her fathers vow. As a result of this the young women of Israel commemorate the daughter of Jephthah for four days a year.
  • The Ephraimites then quarrelled with Jephthah and many died.
  • Jephthah was the 10th judge of Israel and he judged Israel for six years.
  • Samson was the 11th judge and he judged Israel for 20 years.
  • Samuel had prophsied that the ark would be captured and Israel defeated. This prophesy is fulfilled and the Philesteins take the ark and 30,000 men die.
  • At the news of the Ark being captured Eli who was 98 died. He had judged Israel for 40 years.
  • The Philestines took the Ark of the Lord and placed it in the temple of Dagon. Three times they found their idol on the ground face down before the Ark of the Lord and on the third morning the head and hands were broken off.
  • Where ever the Philestines stored the Ark of the Lord, He caused panic and tumours among the people of Philestine. After seven months and five cities they returned the Ark of the Lord back to Israel.
Interesting reading today. Even though the ark had been captured it was the Lords and what is His and Israels He will not share.

We are His and He will not share us either. Where are our hearts ?

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