April 04, 2012

95 - The Ark is taken by the Philistines and Eli goes home to be with the Lord.

John Everett Millais 1867
Kathleen's thoughts

Judges 11,12
1 Samuel 4,5,6

Judges 11: 29-40 Jephthah, the Spirit of the Lord came on him. Jephthah asked the Lord to hand over the Ammonites to him but at the same time promised the Lord that he would hand over anything that came out the front of his home when he returned and when he did it was his daughter and this saddened him but he kept his word and he sent his daughter away for 2 months mourning her virginity as she wondered through the mountains. she then returned home to her father and he kept the vow he had made about her.
Jephthah defeated Ephraim.

Jephthah judged Israel six year when he died.
Eleventh judge, Samson he judged Israel 20 years in the days of the Philistines

1 Samuel 4: 1-11 The ark is taken by the Philistines and Eli's two sons, Hophni and Phinehas died just as it was prophesied in the previous chapter.

Eli sitting on his chair beside the road watching because he was anxious about the ark of God.
there was a commotion and Eli at the age of 98 was blind and he asked "what has happened?" and the messenger told him his sons were killed and the ark has been captured and when he mention about the ark Eli fell backwards off his chair broke his neck and died Eli had judged Israel 40 years. Eli's daughter-in-law the wife of Phinehas was pregnant and about to give birth and when she heard this she collapsed and gave birth as she was dying and woman taking care of her told her she had given birth to a son but there was no response so the woman name the child Ichabod Meaning "the glory has departed from Israel" meaning the ark and God has left Israel

The Philistines had affliction where ever the Ark went they took the ark and placed it besides Dagon and what happened with Dagon that each morning Dagon would be found lying on the floor and finally the hands and the feet were taken off. so the people in Gath told them to remove the ark and send it back.
The people were afflicted with tumours and all sort of things from having the ark in their presence. Makes one think if you don't listen to the word as God says "My people die from lack of knowledge"
The Philistines summoned the priest and pleaded what should we do with the ark of the Lord to send it back. And this is what the priests said to them to have 5 gold tumors and five gold mice corresponding to the number of Philistine rulers, Make a image of your tumors and your mice that are destroying the land Give glory to Israel's God, and perhaps He will stop oppressing you
Prepare one new cart and two milk cows that have never been yoked Hitch the cows to the cart Take the ark of the Lord, place it on the cart and put the gold objects in a box beside it and send this as a guilt offering and so the cows walked straight up proving it was of the Lord.


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