April 03, 2012

94 - God speaks to Samuel

The Infant Samuel
Joshua Reynolds
Kathleen's thoughts

Judges 11,14,15
1 Samuel 2,3,9:1, 14:51

Judges 14 Samson's riddle is broken through the deceitfulness of his wife after 7 days of nagging him he eventually told her.
I find this sad because Samson's wife was threatened by the ones who had to brake the riddle. That is hard when you know the rest of your family will die. I wonder if Samson ever found out! But then you see he wants his wife back. Sadness truly must have hung over that household.
And because of this his wife's father gives her to another man!

Eli the priest, his sons were wicked and played a mocking role in the Lord's tent and because of this the Lord spoke to Eli saying his sons will die on the same day as well as the descendants of his race will be cut off from serving the Lord in the tent of meeting.
Now this is truly sad and I wonder why such a wonderful man would ignore what his sons were doing and not stop them.
At the same time the Lord spoke to Samuel waking him up 3 times before Samuel being told by Eli that it is the Lord who speaks. Take note the 3 times it reminds me of the denial of Jesus by Peter when the cock crowed. The Lord also tells Samuel about what will happen to Eli's sons and his descendants that not one of them will live to an old age and that his sons will die on the same day. When Eli heard this from Samuel his words were this. "He is the Lord, He will do what He thinks is good"
Samuel grew, and the Lord was with him. Samuel was a confirmed Prophet of the Lord, The Lord continued to appear in Shiloh, because there He revealed Himself to Samuel by His word.
1 Samuel 14:51 Saul's father was Kish, Abner's father was Ner son Abiel.
So here we find the birth of Saul.

Judges 11 is where Jephthah who was cast out form Gilead and now in the land of Tob He was asked to be a commander to fight the Ammonites for the Israelites in Gilead.
Here we see that Jephthah states firmly "If you are bringing me back to fight the Ammonities and the Lord gives them to me, I will be your leader" So here we see that Jephthah is in the Lord's army and listens to the Lords word and not man.
And so Jephthah defeated the Amorites and took possession of all the territory of the Amorites from the Arnon to the Jabbok and from the wilderness to the Jordan. But the king of the Ammonites would not listen to Jephthah's message that he sent him.

I find this amazing how God is at work with Jephthah, Samson and Samuel and how everything is falling into place for the glory of God.


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