March 01, 2012

61 - Census

Chareen's Thoughts
  • Today is the start of the third month on our journey through the Word of our Lord.  I have enjoyed the last two months and hope you will be blessed over the next month with us too.
  • In yesterday's reading we met Balaam and the king of  Moab who wanted Balaam to curse Israel but the Lord gave him a blessing to pronounce three times. 
  • Today we read the Poem / Prophecy of destruction over Moab and Edom and Amalek.
  • While in the plains near Moab some Israelites started worshiping Baal and the Lord commanded Moses to execute them in front of Israel.
  • After this execution one man still brazenly took a midianite for a wife and in front of the assembly took her home. Then Phinehas killed the two of them.  Because of this act the Lord stopped allowing the Israelites dying [24,000 had died so far.] and placed a perpetual blessing on his home. (Numbers 25:6-18 & Psalm 106:28-31)
  • The Lord required a census. There total number of men 20 years and older were: 601,730 In the tribe of Levi there were 23,000 males one month old and older.

    First Census Second Census
    Reubin 43,730
    Simeon 59,300 Simeon 22,200
    Gad 45,650 Gad 40,500
    Judah 79,600 Judah 76,500
    Issachar 54,400 Issachar 64,300
    Zebulun 57,400 Zebulun 60,500
    Ephraim 40,500 Ephraim 32,500
    Manasseh 32,400 Manasseh 52,700
    Benjamin 35,400 Benjamin 45,600
    Dan 62,700 Dan 64,400
    Asher 41,500 Asher 53,400
    Naphtali 45,400
    Total Registered: 603,550 Total Registered: 601,730
    Levites 22,000 Levites 23,000

  • After the census was taken the people realise that not one person from the previous generation was alive accept Joshua and Caleb. 603 548 males alone had died in the wilderness.
  •  The Lord instructed the Israelites on how to divide the land and gave them the inheritance laws.

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