March 13, 2012

73 - Prophecy

Kathleen's thoughts

Deuteronomy 28,30,36,31,32
Numbers 27,36

Deut: 28God is very specific about His instructions and here again we see the curses if we are in Disobedience to Him. These scriptures are very powerful words.

As I sat here today reading these scriptures from Deuteronomy my heart was saddened as I thought about the world today. We are always in question why are these happenings happening around us.
Idol worship is very ripe in every country and more and more people have wooden, clay idols etc in their homes and in their gardens. God says to us Do not worship or bring such things into your homes.
The more you look around you the more you see the self destruction of the human being with drugs prostitution, stealing of children, sending our produce overseas for others to enjoy. The diseases that is afflicted on one is devastating not to just the person who has it but to the whole family. Wars breaking out for all the wrong reasons. earthquakes these are just to name a few.
This is all in these chapters of a curse brought upon us for disobedience to Gods covenant he made with the Israelites so many years ago.
Deuteronomy 29; 10-21 All of you are standing today before the Lord your God- your leaders, tribes, elders, officials, all the men of Israel, your children, your wives and the foreigners in your camps who cut your wood and draw your water - So that you may enter into the covenant of the Lord your God, which He is making with you today, so that you may enter into His oath... and so that He may establish you today as His people and He may be your God as He promised you and as He swore to your fathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. I am making this covenant and this oath not only with you, but also with those who are standing here with us today in the presence of the Lord our God and with those who are not here today.

19. When someone hears the words of this oath, he may bless himself in his mind, thinking, I will have peace even though I follow my own stubborn heart. This will lead to the the destruction of the well watered land as well as the dry land.

So the end result of idolatry is... You will be cursed!!
Deut 29:25 It is because they abandoned the covenant of the Lord, the God of their fathers, which He had made with them when He brought them out of the land of Egypt.

Secret things belong to God,
Deut: 29:29 The secret things belong unto the Lord our God, but the things which are revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may do all of the words of this law.


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