March 18, 2012

77 - God promises Joshua - I will be with you wherever you go!

Kathleen's thoughts

Joshua 1, 2,1,4

Joshua 1: 1-4 God gives Joshua His promise. I have given you every place where the sole of your foot treads, just as I had promised Moses. Your territory will be from the wilderness and Lebanon to the great Euphrates River - all the land of the Hittites - and west to the Mediterranean Sea.

God also gives instructions about the law 8: This book of instruction must not depart from your mouth; you are to recite it day and night so that you may carefully observe everything written in it. For the YOU WILL PROSPER AND SUCCEED IN WHATEVER YOU DO. God also says to Joshua not to be dismayed for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

Before crossing Joshua secretly sent two men as spies from Acacia Grove to scout the land especially of Jericho.
Rehab rescues them from their pursuers and the men gave them their promise to protect her family in the outcome. 2: 14-21

The Ark's crossing Joshua 3: 2-17 4: 1-18. This is the second time the Lord parts water for the Israelites to cross this time it's the river Jordan. 15. But as soon as the priests carring the ark reached the Jordan, their feet touched the water at its edge...and the water flowing downstream stood still, rising ujp in a mass that extended as far as Adam, a city next to Zarethan. The water flowoing downstream into the Sea of the Arabah was completely cut off, and the people crossed opposite Jericho. The priests carrying the ark of the Lord's covenant stood firmly on dry ground in the middle of the Jordan, while all Israel crossed on dry ground until the entire nation had finished crossing.
The Israelites had to take 12 stones representing the 12 tribes and make a memorial to this crossing.
4:14 On that day the Lord exalted Joshua in the sight of all Israel, and they revered him throughout his life,

And so the Israelites life began in the promised land the Lord their God had promised them.

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