March 27, 2012

87 - Cival war and Sin

The Levite Carries the Womans body away.
Chareen's Thoughts
  •  All was not a bed of roses in Israel.  As they settled the land in Israel missunderstandings arose and the general unhappiness that causes cival war. So todays reading begins with the war in Israel between the Danites and Micah. all of this because of idol worship!!
  • Next I read the sad sad story of a Levite man and his concubine.  
  • The wickedness and brutality and sin of the men of Gibeah was rather confronting.
  • Israel was shocked when they heard what had happened to the Levites concubine and gathered for cival war against the offending men of Gibeah.
  • When Israel asked for the wicked men of Gibeah to be handed over the tribe of Benjamin protected the men of Gibeah so Israel went to war against Banjamin.
Such a sad reading today.


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