June 08, 2012

160 - Elisha called

Elijah Window
Chareen's Thoughts
1 Kings 18,
  • Talk about the lack of responsibility. First thing Ahab says when he speaks to Elijah is: Are you he who troubles Israel?
  • Elijah then challenges Ahab to a duel on Mount Carmel. He challenged the 450 prophets of Baal to pray and get Baal to burn their sacrifice.  He then has his alter and sacrifice drenched in water before he prays to the LORD who consumes his sacrifice.
  • Through this action the people know and acknowledge that the Lord is Yahweh, He is God!
  • Elijah commands that the prophets of Baal are to be destroyed.
  • It's at this point that Elijah prays and asks for rain.
  • When Ahab tells Jezebel who becomes angry with Elijah and threatens to come after him at this point Elijah runs away and the angels feed him.
  • Elijah walked for 40 days and nights and arrives at a cave in Horeb on the Mountain of God.  Here the Lord asks him what are you doing here ?  It is here the Lord tells him what to do next.
  • Only 7 000 remain who had not bowed to Baal.
  • Elijah finds Elisha.  After saying goodbye Elisha joins Elijah and serves him.
  • The Lord handed Ben-hadad over to Ahab so that Israel would know the LORD.  

 Elijah finds Elisha.  After saying goodbye Elisha joins Elijah and serves him. I enjoy reading about the way that Elisha goes back says goodbye and as a sign of his commitment he slaughters his oxen and uses the wood from his plough to sacrifice them.  I love the picture of how it symbolises how things are being left in the past and he is moving forward into a new future wholeheartedly.
I am amazed as I read how the Lord hands over Ben-hadad to show Himself strong to Ahab even after all of Ahab's unfaithfulness.


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