June 15, 2012

167 - The defeat of Samaria

Kingdoms of Israel and Judah
Kathleen's thoughts

2 Kings 6: 8-23 The Syrian's defeat
2 kings 6: 24-33 Siege of Samaria
2 Kings 7: 1-20
2 Kings 8:3-6 Shaunammite woman restored...She returns after the famine and her land and money is restored back to her.
2 Kings 8: 26-27 2 Chronicles 22: 1-4 Ahaziah's evil reign He was 22 Years old when he became king; he reigned one year in Jerusalem. His mothers name was Athaliah, granddaughter of Israel's king Omri. He walked in the ways of Ahab.
2 Kings 8: 7-15 Ben-hadad's death. He was sick and wanted to know from Elisha if he would get better so he sent Hazael to meet Elisha. Elisha told him to tell his master he sure will recover but the Lord has shown me he's sure to die. Elisha wept and Hazael wanted to know why and Elisha said The Lord has shown me that you will do evil things to Israel and become king over Aram.

We can see with this reading the kindness in the hearts of the 4 lepers of Samaria who came upon the abandoned food and supplies instantly they knew they had to share and do what is right. God see this and knows our hearts.

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