June 13, 2012

165 - A son restored.

Elisha raising the Shunammites Son
Chareen's Thoughts
  • Moab went to war with Israel and the King of Moab offered his son as a sacrifice on the wall of his city during the war.  
  • A widow approaches Elisha because her husband has died and she has no income to pay back her creditors.  Elisha instructs her to borrow containers and pour oil into them all. Once they were all full the supply stopped.  He instructed her to sell the oil and pay her creditors.
  • The was a woman in Shunem who persuaded Elisha to stop and eat at her home.  From then on whenever he went by he would stop to eat.  She spoke to her husband to add onto their home to accomodate Elisha and his servant.  One day Elisha wanted to repay her kindness but she said there was nothing she needed.  His servant noticed she had no children.  Elisha prophesied a blessing upon her womb of a son within the year.  It came to be.
  • The child grew and one day became ill and died. She then went to look for Elisha.  Elisha sent his servant ahead of him to check on the boy. Upon hearing the boy was dead Elisha went in and prayed.  The Lord restored the Shunammites son to her.
  • Elisha then advised her to take her family and live in a foreign land because the LORD had announced a seven year famine.  They did as Elisha told them.
  • Jehoshaphat died and was buried in the city of David.  His son Jehoram became king. Sadly he killed all his brothers to establish himself.
  • He walked in the ways of the kings of Israel, as did the house of Ahab, for [Athaliah] the daughter of Ahab was his wife. He did evil in the sight of the Lord. 2 Kings 8:18
  • The Lord did not destroy him because of the covenant He had with David.  Jehoram led Judah astray and built high places.
  • Edom is judged and condemned.

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