June 29, 2012

181 - Hezekiah's godly reign.

Hezekiah King of Judah
Kathleen's thoughts

Isaiah 1: 21-31 The sinful city. God speaks through Isaiah and says He will restore Israel to what it once was, He will refine them and when it's done it will be called the Righteous City, a faithful City. Zion will be redeemed by justice, her repentant ones by righteousness. The sinners will be destroyed.

2 Kings 16: 10-18 2 Chronicles 2: 20 & 22-25 Jerusalem plundered. King Ahaz did what was not pleasing to God. He turned his back on the Lord and started to worship idols. He closed the Lords temple and made high places in the city of Jerusalem.

2 Kings 15:30-31 Pekah killed.

2 Kings 17: 1-2 Hoshea He reigned over Israel in Samaria for 9 years

2 Kings 16: 19-20, 2 Chronicles 268: 26-27 Death of Ahaz ( he was not buried in the tomb of the kings.his son Hezekiah became king in his place.

2 Kings 18: 1-3, 18: 5-6 2 Chronicles 29: 1-2  Hezekiah reigned for 29 years in Jerusalem. He did what was right in the Lords eye just as his ancestor David had done.

2 Chronicles 29: 3-19 Temple reconsecrated and cleansed

2 Chronicles 29: 20-36 Temple worship restored.
The King Hezekiah and the officials told the Levites to sing praise to the Lord in the words of David and of Asaph the seer. So they sang praises with rejoicing and bowed down and worshiped.

Psalm 20: 5 Let us shout for joy at your victory and lift the banner in the name of our God. May the Lord fulfill all your requests.


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