June 12, 2012

164- Elisha's ministry begins.

Kathleen's thoughts

2 kings 1: 3-15 Elijah the Tishbite calls down fire 2 times and the third captain of 50 with his 50 men fell on his knees in front of Elijah and begged him, "Man of God, please let my life and the lives of these 50 servants of yours be precious in your sight. And the angel of the Lord said that he must not be afraid of them and he went down with him to the king.

2 Kings 1: 16-18 Ahaziah's death according to the word of the Lord that Elijah had spoken.

Elisha's ministry 868-808bc.

2 Kings 3: 1-3 Joram son of Ahab became king over Israel He too did what was evil in the Lord's sight.

2 Kings 2: 1-8
Elijah divides the Jordon...The time has come for Elijah to go home.
Elijah and Elisha were traveling  from Gilgal and Elijah said to Elisha "Stay her, the Lord is sending me on to Bethel. But Elisha said "As the Lord lives and as you yourself live, I will not leave you" This happened twice more the places were Jericho and then Jordon and each time Elisha was told to stay, he would not.The prophets also told Elisha "Do you know that today the Lord will take your master away from you?"
Fifty men from the sons of the prophets came and stood facing them from a distance while the two of them stood by the Jordan.

Elijah took his mantle rolled it up, and struck the waters, which parted to the right and the left. Then the two of them crossed over on dry ground. Elijah asked Elisha what I can do for  you before I am taken from you? So Elisha answered, Please let me be a double portion of your spirit on me. It will be granted to you if you see me going up into the heavens. They continued walking and talking, a chariot of fire with horses of fire suddenly appeared and separated the two of them. The Elijah went up into the heaven in the whirlwind. As Elisha watched, he kept crying out "My father, my father, the chariots and horsemen of Israel"

2 Kings 2: 13-18 Elisha gains the mantle that had fallen off Elijah and went back and stood on the bank of the Jordan. Then he took the mantle and struck the Jordon after saying Where is the Lord God of Elijah? The waters parted and he walked over to the other side.

2 Kings 2: 19-22 The miracle of fresh water
2 Kings 2: 23-25 Children destroyed
2 Kings 3: 6-9 Jehoshaphat joins Joram
2 Kings 3: 10-20 Elisha's promise... Elisha As the Lord of Hosts lives, I stand before Him. If I did not have respect for King Jehoshaphat of Judah I  would not look at you; I wouldn't take notice of you but bring me a musician. The musician played and the Lord's hand came on Elisha. Then he said "For the Lord says, You will not see wind or rain, but the wadi will be filled with water, and you will drink 0 you and your cattle and your animals. This is easy in the Lord's sight He will also hand Moab over to you. You must ruin every good piece of land with stones.
About the time for the grain offering the next morning. water suddenly came from the direction of Edom and filled the land.

I enjoyed today's reading with all the miracles that happened. Healing the water supplying the water protecting them and sending fire. 
I think it must have been the most breath taking sight to see Elijah being taken up into the heavens in the chariot. That sound of the wind and the whirlpool. I love the way everything is recorded to perfection and that God wants us to know he is a God of order and he loves us and wants the best for us.



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