June 05, 2012

157 - The evil and good kings

Kathleen's thoughts

1 Kings 15: 1-34
2 Chronicles 13: 1-22, 14: 1-15
Psalm77: 1-20

Asa of Judah
Today's reading one can see that when you walk with the Lord he is our rock and our salvation. He protected and fought for the kings of Judah, protected them and brought down the kings of Israel who served idols.
Now the Kings who served God were Abijah king of Judah. The rest of the events of Abijah reign along with all his accomplishments, are written about in the Historical Record of Judah['s kings. Abijam rested with his fathers and was buried in the city of David. His son Asa became king in his place.
He reigned 41 years in Jerusalem. Asa also did what was right in the Lords eyes, as his ancestor David had done.  And during his reign he shattered their sacred pillars and chopped down their Asherah poles He removed the pagan altars and the high places. and he told the people to seek the Lord God of their ancestors and to carry out the instructions and commands. Asa had 10 years of peace.

The evil king.. Jeroboam no longer retained his power during Abijah's reign ultimately, the Lord struck him and he died. He reigned 22 years and he rested with his fathers, and his son Nadab became king in his place and he too carried out the evil ways of his father. But Asha son of Ahijah conspired against Nadab and struck him down and killed him
Baasha son of Ahijah became king over all Israel and he reigned 24 years and  he followed the example of Jeroboam and the sin he had caused Israel to commit.
Now when he became king he struck down the entire house of Jeroboam.

The Psalm today is a comfort of distress.

Psalm 25: 5-6 Guide me in Your truth and teach me for You are the God of my salvation. I wait for You all day long. Remember Lord, Your compassion and Your faithful love, for they have existed from antiquity.


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