June 13, 2012

165 - Elisha

Kathleen's thoughts

2 Kings 3: 21-27 Defeat of the Moabites

2 Kings 4: 1-7 The widows oil...Elisha saved a prophets wife who was in debt by telling her to collect jars and then take the jar of oil and start filling up the jars from one to the other and this she did and she had enough oil to sell to pay her debt and pay for her daily living.

2 Kings 4: 8-17 The Shunammite woman...Elisha went to Shunem and this woman invited him to eat some food and then whenever he passed through she would do this then she persuaded her husband to put him up in the top room and Elisha told his attendant to call this woman  and she stood before him and he asked her "what can we do for you" Now her husband was old and she had no children and this was her hearts desire Elisha knew this so he told her that this time next year she shall bare a son and this came to pass she bore a son as per Elisha prophesy.

2 Kings 4: 18-37 Her son restored The Shunammite woman's son dies and she fetches Elisha and so a miracle happens and her son rises from the dead.

2 Kings 8: 1-2 Elisha predicts famine. He then tell the Shunammite to leave her home because famine was to happen for the next 7 years

2 Kings 8: 16-17  -  2 Chronicles 21: 5 Jehoram the son of Jehoshaphat  He becomes king of Judah he ruled for 8 years but he did not follow or delight himself in the Lord but decided to follow the evil root of his wife who was Ahab's daughter. He killed all his brothers and did evil things in the land by worshiping idols and entertaining prostitutes he led Judah astray.

2 Chronicles 20:34, 1 Kings 22: 45, 1 Kings 22: 50 2 Chronicles 21:1-4  Jehoshaphat's death.

2 Kings 8: 18-19 2 Chronicles 21; 6-7 , 11 Jehoram's evil life.

Obadiah 1: 1-14 Edom judged and Edom's great sin.

Readings today reminds me of that hymn I believe in miracles... How can one not when you read God's word today. Can you imagine pouring oil into bottles and it just pours from one bottle to another then your child dies and God heals


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