June 23, 2012

175 - Hate the evil and love the good

Amos by James Tissot
Chareen's Thoughts
  • From Jonah we move to the book of Amos.  It's the 30th book of the Old Testament and eighth book of prophecy.
  • The word of the Lord came to Amos in judgement of the nationsIsrael and Judah.
  • The Lord speaks about His hand on them and how they still did not return to Him. He calls them to seek Him. To turn and repent. He warns them of the impending judgement.
  • He declared the anger of the Lord over those in luxury who did not concern themselves with the plite of Joseph.
  • He speaks of the punishment of sin and gives Amos visions. Through these visions we see the Lords justice and compassion working hand in hand.  He speaks of a plumb line
  • Amaziah tries to banish Amos because of his prophesies.

      Therefore he who is prudent will keep silence in such a time, for it is an evil time.  Seek (inquire for and require) good and not evil that you may live, and so the Lord, the God of hosts, will be with you, as you have said.  Hate the evil and love the good and establish justice in the [court of the city’s] gate. It may be that the Lord, the God of hosts, will be gracious to the remnant of Joseph [the northern kingdom]. Amos 5:13-15 Our God is an Awesome God.


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