June 10, 2012

162 - our God loves mercy

King Jehoshaphat cir 1700
Photo taken by David Castor
Chareen's Thoughts
  • Jehoshaphat insists on asking a prophet of Yahweh regardless of what King Ahab and his prophets say.  
  • The prophet Micaiah is brought before the kings and brings some positive and some negative words from the Lord.  
  • King Ahab pitches a fit and has him put in jail and fed bread and water.
  • King Ahab disguises himself and joins Jehoshaphat in battle.
  • In battle King Ahab is wounded and dies.  He is buried in Samaria and his chariot is washed out there where the prophecy of the Lord is fulfilled.
  • On his way back to Jerusalem the Lord rebukes Jehoshaphat for standing and supporting an evil king.
  • The Lord shows him mercy for taking down the Asherah poles from the land.
  • Jehoshaphat then appoints judges in all the fortified cities and encourages them to do right and blesses them with the terror of the Lord.  He reminds them that there is no injustice or partiality or taking bribes with the LORD their God.
  • He returned to Jerusalem and restored order in the House of the Lord and appointed Levites and priests.
 It is so encouraging reading how our God loves mercy and does justly to His people.

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