January 17, 2012

17 - Isaac's life with his sons.

Kathleen’s thoughts
Isaac’s sons Esau who was an expert hunter, a man of outdoor living, and Jacob who was quiet and stayed at home. Isaac’s love for Esau was because of his love for the taste of wild game but Rebekah loved Jacob,
Deception is a very ugly thing, brings heartache and hatred and this is what happened in Isaac’s home. Jacob stole basically Esau’s birth right then he stole his blessing. I can’t imagine how Esau felt, it must have been heart wrenching for him and when you read this part of the scripture Jacob seems quite happy with it. Then you read about their wives and it states here how these women brought bitterness into Isaac and Rebekah’s household. It’s very sad,
The Lord once again assures Isaac about his offspring being numerous as the stars in the sky, and all the nations of the earth will be blessed by his offspring.
This reminds me of the sins of the fathers brought down. Abraham lied about his wife Sarah being his sister. Here in Chapter 26:7 Abraham's son does the same thing! Isaac lies about Rebekah his wife being his sister and it was to the same King Abimelech. And his reproach to Isaac is the same as it was to his father. Interesting!
It was sad reading the end of this chapter when Esau begged Isaac to bless him. There is hope though in this blessing where Isaac says “you will break his yoke from your neck.”

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