January 11, 2012

11 - All things bright and beautiful the Lord God made them all!

Kathleen’s thoughts day eleven
God speaks and answers Job. In these chapters it shows one how insignificant we are and how little we know about the creation of life here on earth. The human race think they know it all and how it all works but the wonders of the Almighty are far above and beyond anyone’s comprehension. His mighty torrential rains, serve as His signature to all mankind, so that all men may know His work. God does not look favourably on any who are wise in heart. Our wisdom in all the happenings is zero for God asks “Who puts wisdom in the heart or give the mind understanding? When Job humbles himself before God his words are “I am so insignificant. How can I answer you?” So Job here realizes his strength in life. We are insignificant, we take things for granted and we do not have control only the Almighty has the control. God says in Job 41: 11 Everything under heaven belongs to Me.
I love the way Job is blessed in the end for his faithfulness and his life given back to him with blessings pressed down till overflowing.
I found interesting today about an Ostrich. Being on game farms and knowing about their eggs they lay and here in Job 39: 13-18 God tells the reason why they abandon their eggs in verse 17 For God has deprived her of wisdom and he has not endowed her with understanding.
Then in verses 24-25 He charges ahead with trembling rage; he cannot stand still at the trumpet’s sound…When the trumpet blasts, he snorts defiantly. God has thought of every little detail here with horses in what it does and when we watch these beautiful strong creatures we just take it for granted that they do these things but God’s plan is there for each creature great or small.
We at the end of the book of Job and it’s been quite a journey of the trials and tribulations this precious man Job went through and it’s been a valuable lesson on faith and commitment to our Lord and King we serve.
Blessings to those who read this blog as we journey further into God’s word.

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