January 22, 2012

22 – God looks after Joseph.

Kathleen’s thoughts
Genesis 39 – 41
The Lord was with Joseph and blessed everything he did. He became a very successful man serving in the household of his Egyptian master.

His master’s wife looked at Joseph with lust in her heart and tried to coax Joseph to sin and Joseph being an up right man refrained and told her “He could not do such an evil thing and sin against God? She was a wicked woman and one day grabbed Joseph by his garment and he escaped leaving his garment with her, this giving her ammunition to lie about Joseph. Then she lied about him to his master and he became furious and had Joseph thrown into prison.

Through this entire God was with him in these dark days of his life.

Joseph interprets dreams that the prisioners dream about and these interpretations all came true.

Two years later Pharaoh had a dream and it’s here that Joseph is called in to interpret the dream but Joseph tells the Pharaoh that it is God who will give him the answer to his dreams.

The seven good cows are seven years and the seven good heads are seven years. The dreams mean the same thing. The seven thin, ugly cows that came up after them are seven years, and the seven worthless, scorched heads of grain are seven years of famine. Here I note again that God is working in the number 7! Joseph tells Pharaoh because the dream was given twice to him, it means that the matter has been determined by God, and He will soon carry it out. So Joseph gives the Pharoah instructions in what to do to save his fortune and his city. Pharaoh gives Joseph the authority over his house and his people will obey his commands He also gave Joseph his signet ring and clothed him with fine linen and the servants called him Abrek!


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