January 02, 2012

2 - A drastic life change ....

Kathleen's Thoughts
A drastic life change from living in God's presence and being provided for, to a life of hardship because of wrong choices they made in the garden. So here we learn that the choices we make can affect our lives in a dramatic way if we don't listen to God.

I found very interesting here is Adam and Eve ran for cover and then found fig leaves to cover themselves and then God provided them with clothing from skin.

The punishment from the forbidden tree and being thrown out of the garden to do hard labour all the days of their must have been quite a shock to them.
When you look at our lives how we labour and the trials and tribulations we endure in our lives all because of disobedience. And we still don't listen and be quite to the voice of God.

The tree of life guarded by a cherubim and a flaming whirling sword to guard it. Interesting and it will tie up with scripture later in the word.

It's also here we discover the craftsmanship of making iron tools and who is the founder of the lyre and flute -the son of Adah a descendant of Cain.

What I found interesting in Genesis 4:24 If Cain is to be avenged seven times over, then for Lamech it will be seventy-seven times! These numbers mentioned quite often in the word. For forgiveness is also so, but it's seventy seven times seven.

In closure the word today is be obedient to God, For in your obedience God will take responsibility for your life but if you disobedient to God you will stand accountable for your own actions not God!



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