January 18, 2012

18 - A marker for God's house

Jacobs Ladder to Heaven - Source Wikipedia - Standard Bible Story Readers Book Three

Chareen's Thoughts:
  • Genesis 28:10-22 Jacobs dream.  I love the way the Lord speaks to Jacob and reaffirms the blessing of Abraham.  I enjoyed Jacobs response to the dream: This stone that I have set up as a marker will be God's house, and I will give You a tenth of all that You give me. Genesis 28:22
  • The name Rebekah means knotted cord/ to bind.  Gosh what a tangled web she wove ! Encouraging her son to steal a blessing, using Isaac to send / protect Jacob. 
  • Genesis 29:21-30 Well Jacob met his match in Laban ! His love for Rachel ran very deep when I read this account. Imagine working for 14 years to marry someone. Genesis 30:3 Gosh and once again history repeats itself. Rachel is barren and gives her slave to Jacob to have children for her. 
  • Genesis 29:31-35 and Genesis 30:1-24 this is an interesting read.  I love the choices of names for their children and the meanings of all the names and how each child was added to the home.  I enjoy reading how the blessing of the womb is attributed to the Lord. This is the beginning of the promises fulfilled. 
  • Some of Jacobs practices when watching over Labans flocks was rather odd.  I wonder why he did those things. (Genesis 30:37-43)


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