January 28, 2012

28 – The last 8 plagues

Kathleen’s thoughts
The 3rd plague was gnats… Exodus 8: 16-19. I found this interesting is that here the magicians tried to produce gnats using their occult practice but failed in doing so! They told Pharaoh but his heart hardened even more to not releasing the Israelites. The wonderful part here is the magicians said “This is the finger of God”
The 4th plague was flies. Exodus 8:20-32…I can imagine what it must have been like. Just being in the outback here in Australia with flies swarming around is bad enough but to have that amount and yet Pharaoh in his craftiness after saying he would let the people go to Moses and did not, and his heart hardened even more. The amazing thing here is how God protected the Israelites. I can see the barrier around them and not a fly in site.
The 5th Plague was the death of livestock. Exodus 9:1-7. Pharaoh’s stubbornness of not letting the Israelites go is just so wrong. Can you imagine having all your livestock die in front of you and not believe in God Almighty? It’s beyond me!
The 6th Plague was having boils. Exodus 9:8-12 This is just oh so painful! I can see Moses standing there and a handful of dust looking towards the heavens and throwing it towards the heavens and falling on the whole of Egypt and everyone gets boils. And Pharaoh still does not let the Israelites go. I just had a wee giggle now thinking of the magicians not being able to stand because of them.
The 7th Plague was Hail Exodus 9: 13-35 We all know what damage hail does and we are protected in our homes etc. but in those days a lot of them lived in tents as well so now down comes the hail and destroys the place and Pharaoh still relents to let the people go. You would think by now he would have learnt a lesson after all seeing it firsthand what God can do, he has seen it happen before his very eyes even when Moses liftted his hands up to the Lord and everything ceases.
The 8th Plague was Locusts, Exodus 10: 1-20 In this chapter God tells Moses this… “Go to Pharaoh, for I have hardened the hearts of Pharaoh and his officials so that in generations to come will know of the miraculous signs of mine and to know how severely I dealt with the Egyptians and you will know that I am Lord” Here one can see what God had in mind for our own generation so we can sit here and read the wonders of His mighty hand of that day and it still happens today the wonderful miracles. So here we see the locust invasion, it must have been awful with the sound of those things munching must have been very over powering.
The 9th Plague of darkness Exodus 10: 21-27 We have a power failure and we all run for the candles but can you imagine being in complete darkness with no moon or stars to shine on the earth and living like that for 3 days. Then Pharaoh in his desperation says to Moses “Go and worship the Lord with your families but leave your livestock behind” But Moses says he needs them for the sacrifice

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