January 04, 2012

4 - Geneology

Kathleen’s thoughts

I love genealogy! Looking for my roots has been a wonderful journey finding my family and where they came from. What I find here is the wonders of wonders how God keeps a record of everything we do. Just reading today’s word proves the fact of God’s love for us, there is not one minute in a day in God's eyes that is not accountable for, you can't hide from God! Genesis 10, 1 Chronicles 1: 5-27 is the family records of Noah
Take a look at Noah when he indulged in too much wine. Here we find what respect means for one’s parent as well as being naked in front of our children and the harsh penalty of not having respect. Look what happened to Canaan because of Hams disrespect. Here we see that God noticed this and recorded it for us to see. Makes one think what we do in secret and we think no one else has seen. As God said everything will be revealed.

I noticed in Genesis 10:5 that each group had its own language then you read about the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11:7 God confused their language so they could not understand one another’s speech and the Lord scattered them all over the earth. Interesting!

Even their life span was very long from 200 – 950 years. In Genesis 6:3 says their days will be 120 years. So I wonder when that took place?

Noah, known as the man of soil was the first to plant a vineyard.



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